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Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Explained 

What is an Annual Percentage Rate 'APR'?

The APR is the annual rate charged for borrowing and is expressed as a percentage that represents the actual yearly cost of an unsecured loan up to £25,000 over its term. This applies to Capify’s Business Loan products up to £25,000. The calculation below includes any fees and costs associated with the transaction (if any). 

APR example for a Capify Business Loan for £24,000 over 1 year:

On this basis, the average effective APR will be 67.89%

Did you know that the British Business Bank estimates that banks reject 100,000 small businesses each year? 

Capify offers accessible alternative business loans to people who want to grow their business. We can raise owners anywhere between £3,500 - £500,000 within days of applying.

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