Broaden your offering as a Broker partner

Help your clients with flexible finance solutions and earn generous commissions. 

As part of our Broker Programme, you’ll get:

Capify is a member of The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB).
UK’s largest independent trade body for commercial finance brokers.


Becoming a Broker

Capify is an established provider of finance to small and medium sized businesses.

Operating in the UK since 2008, we have helped thousands of owners to get the funding they need in order to prosper.
It’s quick and simple to raise money with Capify. If you have any clients or connections who are looking for business finance, you can refer them to us in return for commission.
We are able to raise finance for many different types of small and medium sized businesses, however, our core sectors include E-commerce, Wholesale, Manufacturing and Professional Business Services.

Why Become a Broker for Capify?

Generate extra revenue for your business

We offer a generous commission structure where you can earn a percentage of each funded deal. Your point of contact will discuss the terms with you in more detail.
Capify is proud to offer approved customers their money within days, and, once they’ve paid off 40% of the initial funding amount, they can renew. At this point, you’ll receive further commission!

Our Broker Team will be on hand to answer any questions and make the whole process quick and easy.
Capify uses a leading CRM software which can be used to produce detailed reports for you. We’ll update you on the progress of each deal, from the application stage through to approval.

Our Products

Capify's Business Loan

Capify’s business loan is a simple finance solution,where owners are able to raise from £5,000. Instead of large monthly repayments, this loan is paid back in small and regular amounts which are taken from Monday – Friday. This helps owners to better manage their cash flow, and it means they don’t have to worry about saving a large sum for a fixed date each month. The whole process is done automatically so that the owner can focus on their business, rather than the repayments

Merchant Cash Advance

Capify’s Merchant Cash Advance is a solution where business owners are able to raise from £5,000-£500,000 and repay via a percentage of their daily card payments, Monday – Friday. This means that it works with the peaks and troughs of their business because on a busy day they’ll repay slightly more but on a slow day, it’ll be less.



Features and Benefits

What you need to know

Capify's broker buy rates scheme

How it works

With our Broker Buy Rate Scheme, you have the ability to choose your earnings!

If you sell at a higher rate, you could earn up to 8% commission. Alternatively, you can offer your clients a lower and more competitive rate and take slightly less for yourself. We want to give you the opportunity to control the price because you understand your clients better than anyone. This new scheme can be used on our and products and is available across all credit grades.


You have a client who is looking for funding of £40,000. Upon receiving the offer and approval from Capify, the following information will be confirmed;

The Credit Grade

The Term

The Buy Rate

Here's a little about us...

When was Capify started?

We started Capify in 2008 when many small and medium businesses were struggling to navigate the global financial crisis. We think it’s wrong that many great UK businesses were, and still are unable to thrive due to the lack of funding available to them.

We believe in listening to businesses and providing them with a funding option which meets their needs in a simple and responsible way.

What sets Capify apart from other finance providers?

Our customers sit at the heart of everything we do and therefore it’s important that we make our products simple and accessible. We’re proud to have a team of dedicated professionals who can help guide business owners through the process and find the best solution for them. For this reason, we’ve built a strong community of customers who come back to us time and time again.

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