Everything a small business needs to know about raising finance and paying it back

Want to invest in staff training, renovation, or updating your bar coolers and bar pumps? You’ll probably need extra cash to make it happen.

Your pub’s atmosphere, bar menu, and front of house staff make it what it is. You make the decisions, so it makes perfect sense that you’d want to work with a loan company that understands you and your business.

Capify’s pub finance is simple, with flexible, affordable repayments. Payments will change depending on how much your customers spend at the bar, helping you to manage cash flow while you’re paying off the debt.

Pub Loans: The Latest Pub Industry Stats

Pub Loans: The Latest Pub Industry Stats

There are fewer pubs now compared to 2001, but it’s not all bad news. According to national statistics, people’s drinking habits are changing and there’s plenty for pub owners to be positive about. These industry stats make it clear that investing in a pub loan is a great decision to make in 2020.

Who are pub loans for? You!

Any kind of pub can benefit from a Capify loan or Merchant Cash Advance. Loans for pubs can be perfect for cosy locals, rural gastro pubs, and specialty craft ale houses. It doesn’t matter how many craft brew awards you’ve got, or how long you’ve been serving food, you could still qualify for simple, fast finance.

Most importantly, a pub loan would suit a business keen to grow. That includes new furniture, more efficient point of sale technology, quality training for your staff, and more.

Get more drinkers and diners through the door

Pubs and bars are a tough industry, so it’s important to find your niche and stand out. If you need cash to make improvements, there’s no time like the present!

Whatever you want your pub to be – a perfect beer garden for passing hikers, or home to all the sports coverage anyone could ever need – you can make it happen with a pub business loan.

Different types of pub finance

Different types of pub finance

Not all business finance is created equal. Capify offers business loans and finance options designed specifically for pubs just like yours.

Secured business loans

To get a secured business loan, you’ll need to put down a vehicle, piece of equipment, or property, as security. This will cover repayments if you can’t.

Unsecured business loans

No security needed. Your vehicles and property will stay yours.

Merchant Cash Advance

Pub owners can access a unique business finance model – the Merchant Cash Advance. Your business will receive a lump sum, and then repay it as small percentages of debit and credit card payments. Every time someone buys a round, you’ll be closer to paying off your business loan.

For some pubs, there can be grants available. There’s also the option of an overdraft, credit cards, and asset finance. Interest rates can vary though, so always look around for the best deal before you sign up.

Calculate how much finance your pub could raise

Calculate how much finance your pub could raise

The Capify business loan calculator shows how much finance you can raise for your business.

Find out how much you could raise.


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How pub businesses can use their finance

How pub businesses can use their finance

Like many other hospitality businesses, pubs are working hard to impress every new customer and trying to keep overheads down. With a pub loan or Merchant Cash Advance, you can invest in your business however you want.

Decide what you want to fund. This stops you from under or over borrowing.

Check your business credit score. The better it is, the more likely you’ll get fast approval.

Get your paperwork ready. You’ll need to prove a few things, like your business address and profitability.
Choose a business loan company you like!
Choose a company you trust and can rely on.

Renovation and new furniture

Make your drinking and dining areas comfortable, cosy, modern – whatever will suit your business, its location, and your customers.

Specialist brewing

British beer drinkers love craft ale. Give them plenty to talk about by offering specialist brews and bottles. A collection of artisan gins won’t go down too badly either!

Ordering technology

Make buying a round a doddle. Your customers will love the speed, and you’ll be able to check stock numbers and reorder spirits with even less effort. 

TVs and projectors

Better entertainment can get more sports fans through the door, as well as give you room to host screenings, quizzes, and other big ticket events.

Business finance can help inject essential cash into your pub, giving you the freedom to buy day-to-day stuff as well as fund big changes.

Getting your pub ready for funding

Before you apply for pub finance, there are a few things to organise and think about.

Fixed & flexible repayment options

Fixed & flexible repayment options

Most loan repayments are either fixed or flexible. It’s up to you which you go for.

A fixed monthly payment can be simpler, because you know exactly what you’ll be paying every month. Pubs are often seasonal businesses though, so a big payment might not be affordable every month of the year.

Flexible repayments can be easier for pub owners to manage, because they adapt to how and when your business earns cash. If summer means a jam-packed beer garden, but the first few months of the year are often slow, flexible finance means you repay less during the quiet periods and more while you’re busy.

Loans for pub businesses with poor credit

Missed a few payments in the past? It doesn’t have to ruin your chances of getting another loan.

Capify’s small business loan can work for pubs with all kinds of credit backgrounds. A lot of small businesses have the occasional late payment on their credit report. It’s hard to be perfect all the time.  

Whether your credit is spot on or not, Capify can usually help. To find out if you’ll be eligible, just get in touch with one of our helpful advisers.

Keen to get that renovation project started ASAP? You’ll need the cash sooner rather than later. 

Capify can often get your cash sorted within days of your application getting a thumbs up. That means you can start making improvements in a few days, instead of hanging around for weeks.

Short term vs long term finance for pubs

Do you want to pay your business loan off as soon as you can, or make it more of a long term commitment?

Just like flexible and fixed payments, this depends on how seasonal your pub is too. With a short term loan, you could get the repayments out of the way during your busier time of year, and keep the slower weeks debt-free.

Raise £3,500 to over £500,000 for your pub Find out how much cash your pub can raise with Capify.


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