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Pharmacy and Health Business Finance

If you own a business based in the health industry, Capify could provide you with a business loan which you can use to achieve your plans. The business loan is unique because rather than being paid back in large monthly chunks, it’s paid back in small and regular amounts. This means that business owners are able to keep control of their cash flow rather than having large disruptions to it. Lots of business owners based in the health industry use their business loan to pay for stock, hiring or training new staff, and investing in specialist equipment.

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Benefits of a health and pharmacy business loan from Capify

There are many benefits of coming to Capify for a restaurant and take-away business loan.

  • You can grow your business and achieve your plans
  • The repayments are small and manageable
  • The whole process, from application to funding, is quick and hassle-free
  • You don’t need to sell a portion of your business in return for investment
  • We’re always at the end of the phone if you have a question



You could use Capify's health and pharmacy loan in the following ways

Capify’s business loan for health and pharmacy businesses is most commonly used for:

  • Investing in specialist equipment
  • Hiring and training new staff
  • Purchasing stock
  • To manage cash flow

It’s important to emphasise that the loan can be used for any business purpose, whether that’s one of the reasons above or something completely different.



Check if you're eligible for a health and pharmacy business loan

Capify’s health and pharmacy business loan is a fantastic option for anyone that wants to grow their business. To be eligible you must:

  • Own a UK based business
  • Own a limited company
  • Have a trading history of 12 months+
  • Process more than £7,500 a month through your business bank account

Tick all the boxes?

Why not apply today and find out how much you can raise.



What does Capify offer to health and pharmacy businesses?

Owning a business in any industry can be both challenging and rewarding. It’s important to invest in things which are going to help your business thrive and prosper. In the case of businesses in the health industry, this could be by hiring educated and knowledgeable staff, investing in technology and equipment to streamline the business or refurbishing to make the best use of space. As with any large plans, there’s often a cost attached. That’s where Capify comes in, we provide finance to businesses in the healthcare industry to support bold and ambitious, or simply necessary plans.

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UK Pharmacies

In 2019, there were 65,000 pharmacies in the UK.


In the three years since 2016/17, there’ve been over one billion prescriptions dispensed from pharmacies in England.




An estimated 1.6million visits to pharmacies take place each day.

Applying for business finance with Capify is easy

Step 1: 

Fill out our simple online application. It takes two minutes from start to finish and you’ll find out if you’re conditionally approved.

Step 2:

Submit the required documentation to our account management team, they’ll have a look over it and confirm how much you can borrow, what your repayments will be and the period of the loan!

Step 3:

Sign and return the agreement and then the funds will be released. Now you have the money to achieve your plans.


Why do health and pharmacy businesses need to borrow money?

As with any business, it’s important to be profitable and prosperous. Businesses based in the health industry typically borrow money so that they can invest in equipment and technology to streamline the business and improve efficiency. Working in the health industry, it’s also really important to have a team of educated and knowledgeable staff, so many business owners also take out a business loan from Capify so that they can hire new employees and staff training. 

Other reasons include: 

  • Stock
  • Refurbishments 
  • Cash flow

Why should I choose Capify over another finance provider?

Our customers sit at the heart of everything we do and therefore it’s important that we make our products simple and accessible. We’re proud to have a team of dedicated professionals who can help guide health and pharmacy business owners through the process and find the best solution for them. For this reason, we’ve built a strong community of customers who come back to us time and time again.

We place a lot of emphasis on human communication over tech. Whilst we think that tech is important and delivers a fast process from application to receiving your funds, you’ll also have a dedicated point of contact who will always be available at the end of the phone if you’ve got a question. 

We also have a team of real people who look over every single deal. Not every business is the same, so we believe that underwriting should be conducted on a case by case basis rather than using a ‘one rule fits all’ approach.


Top Tips for Health and Pharmacy Owners

Embrace social media

Social media is a brilliant way to promote your business and get your name out in the local community. Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to collect reviews from happy customers but you can use your social media profile as a website if you want to. It gives you the option to post your opening hours, share updates about the business, and easily keep in touch with your customers. More and more, Facebook and Twitter are being used as a news source. People go on there to share interesting articles and get updates on things happening in their local community and other things which are of interest to them. You could post articles about new advancements in the health industry along with tips on staying healthy, getting fit, cutting down on alcohol etc. You have a skill, and you know what you’re talking about; people will be interested to learn from you and your business.

Capify is proud to offer…

The personal touch

Our customers are never passed around a generic call centre. You’ll speak to the same Manchester-based account manager throughout the application process.

Get your funds in days

We work with small businesses from all over the UK, helping them get the cash they need when they need it.

Flexible daily repayments

No large monthly payments, just simple, manageable repayments over 6 to 12 months.

Why Capify?

Capify’s goal is to provide simple, quick, and responsible access to capital. We prioritise flexibility, excellent customer service, and have invested in funding solutions that work.

Enquire now, and you’ll be guided through the process by a dedicated account manager. They’ll be on hand to answer your questions and take care of your application from first contact to receiving your funds.

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