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Grow with working capital finance

Retailers, restaurants, and hospitality businesses can raise fast and reliable finance with Capify. Our Alternative Business Loan helps business owners pay for essential upgrades. Whatever you need to make your business more successful and reach more people, affordable business finance can help you foot the bill.

Time-saving technology

Smart business tools can make life easier for you and your staff, as well as your customers. Invest in automation technology to speed up the booking process, customer enquiries, and marketing.

Marketing and advertising

Spread the word about your business with paid advertising, online marketing, SEO, and traditional advertising. Marketing can be costly, but extremely valuable when it comes to building your local and national reputation – Capify can help you pay for the expertise and channels that make the difference.

Staff training and costs

Help your staff be the best they can possibly be, with training and professional guidance. With quality education, the service your staff provide will be top notch.

Refurbishment and renovation

Repaint, refurbish, and invest in new furniture. The look of your business is just as important as the customer service you provide, so it’s important to keep it looking fresh.

Working capital finance with flexible repayments

Capify’s Alternative Business Loan is designed with busy business owners in mind. Repayments are straightforward and predictable, allowing you to protect your cash flow and grow your business.

How to qualify:

  • Run a limited company.
  • Process at least £10,000 a month through your business bank account.

Receive a decision in 60 seconds

Our quick quote tool will give you a funding decision within 60 seconds. You can then apply through our friendly Manchester-based sales team and can receive your funds within days.

89% ‘Excellent’ reviews on Trustpilot

Our Trustpilot reviews are consistently excellent. Many of our customers return to us after they’ve repaid their first Alternative Business Loan because they love the fast, uncomplicated service.

Predictable, manageable repayments

You can repay your Alternative Business Loan over 6-10 months. We’ll take a small percentage from your business bank account each day until the loan is repaid.

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