Thwaites MOT & Service Centre

Thwaites MOT, an independent garage located in Fishergate, Brighton, has been owned and operated by Ian Jowitt since 1994. The garage carries out mechanical repairs, servicing and MOTs on vehicles ranging from cars to light commercial vehicles, including minibuses.  

The funds secured were used for:

The funds secured were used for:

New Recovery Services

EV Charging Equipment

Cash Flow Injection


Over the years, it has built an excellent reputation and is renowned for its unparalleled service, welcoming staff, and competitive prices. Over the years Ian has worked hard to evolve and expand the business, winning new contracts for vehicle servicing with several local companies whilst still servicing its loyal retail customer base.  

The Problem

As with many small businesses looking to expand or grow, finding the spare cash to invest is hard, and they rely on external finance to make this happen. Having little confidence in the banks and finding them unhelpful, Ian turned to Capify and took his first loan out in 2016. 

The Solution

More recently, Ian has taken two further loans from Capify, one which allowed him to fund a recovery vehicle, which meant that he no longer had to outsource this service and could therefore provide a better and faster service to his customer whilst reducing his overheads.  

Upon successfully repaying 50% of his initial loan, we were pleased to provide Ian with additional funding to expand his business further. Ian had identified an opportunity for servicing electric vehicles. Having done his research, he realised he would have to retool his garage with equipment designed to make the electric vehicles safe before any work could commence. The top-up to the loan allowed him to invest in the necessary equipment and infrastructure to offer these services to his customers, positioning his business for growth and meeting the needs of his many clients.  

Because of the way Capify structure their loans, repayments are taken in small regular amounts rather than one large monthly sum, which helped Ian better manage his cash flow while still achieving his goals.  

Words from the owner

“Capify stands out as one of the best and most supportive lenders I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. The continuity of dealing with the same financial expert feels like speaking with a trusted friend. They take the time to listen, understand and show interest in my plans while consistently following up with phone calls, check-ins, and even casual catch-ups. But are able to turnaround my application quickly and get the funds into my account within 24 hrs of applying. This level of personal attention and care is rare in today’s lending industry.”

Ian Jowitt, owner of Thwaites MOT & Service Centre. 

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