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Small Business Finance Solutions Available With High Approval Rates

Occasionally your small business may require business finance to help promote and enhance business growth successfully.

Traditional small business finance may well be secured on an asset like your premises which is a risk in itself for many businesses including hotels, restaurants and beauty salons. These types of loans are also increasingly difficult to attain, which is why Capify has revolutionised the lending world with an alternative lending solution.


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Small Business Finance

The alternative, called a merchant cash advance is not quite a business loan and operates quite differently to one. The cash advance is exactly that – an advance on future credit and debit card transactions you take from customers at your business. The advance is repaid using a small percentage deduction from each of your credit and debit card sales processed.

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Small business finance is therefore suitable not just for any business but for any outlet which processes credit or debit cards regularly and gains more than £3,500 a month with this method of payment. This might include shops, pubs, MOT garages, restaurants and hairdressers.

It ensures that your repayment is sensible as there is no need to pay a fixed monthly fee and if you repay early then there is no penalty or charge for this.

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90% Approval

There is a high approval rate for this alternative type of lending and a decision can be made quickly. Many businesses across Manchester, Birmingham, London and the UK have benefitted from this refreshing approach to lending.

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