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As a retail business owner, you know very well how difficult and time-consuming it is to make a business succeed. Your main priority is making your business as profitable as possible, but there are often inevitable roadblocks which hinder the process significantly, the main one being dealing with a lack of finance and funding.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

Capify offers a different approach to small business finance. We provide flexible finance options for 90% of business owners who apply to us, regardless of the sector they’re in, making Capify’s small business loans one of the most attainable business finance products in the country. The small business landscape is difficult, and many retailers and shop owners don’t have the freedom to turn a significant portion of their earnings into renovations and new training schemes. Sometimes, the only option is sourcing small business finance.


With flexible, small business finance from Capify, you can put those big plans into action, which could make your retail business significantly more profitable. To meet the Capify application criteria, your retail business must be a limited company, have been established for 9 months minimum, and process at least £7,000 through your business bank account each month.


Once you’ve secured the necessary funds, you can transform them into successful redevelopment and renovation plans. You could hire new staff for busier, seasonal periods, buy new stock to attract more and more customers, or even expand into an online market, so you can begin selling internationally.

The finance that you raise will be simple to repay, as you don’t have to manually process any bills at all, and is based around your retail business’ existing cash flow and average revenue. The loan will be repaid gradually on a manageable daily basis, spreading the cost over five to twelve months.

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