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Grow with a business cash advance

If you’re planning a considerable purchase for your small business, a business cash advance can help you source funding without hurting your cash flow.

Small businesses, retailers, salons, restaurants, and bars can all benefit from Capify’s Merchant Cash Advance. This flexible form of funding can make expansion affordable, with predictable and manageable repayment terms.

Staff costs and training

New uniforms, educational courses, and staff benefits can make the difference when it comes to quality service and loyalty. Capify can help you fund these updates, so you don’t need to touch your valuable savings.

Time-saving technology

Cut down on admin time, get repetitive jobs done, and focus your energy on the important stuff. Digital business tools are now the most efficient way to manage bookings, accounting, and other day-to-day tasks.

Refurbishment and renovation

Whether your premises needs a lick of paint or brand new fixtures and fittings, there’s no need to keep your finger on the pause button. Capify can help you get the funding you need for resources, labour, and other costs.


Whether you’re moving into a second premises, or building an extension, expanding can lead to significant growth and improved profits. More space can mean more covers, more bookings, and more services on offer.

Business cash advance with flexible repayment

Capify’s business cash advance is a reliable and flexible source of small business funding. Your business can secure the funding it needs for essential improvements, with predictable and manageable repayment terms.

How to qualify:

● Run a UK-based business as a sole trader, in partnership, or as a limited company.

● Take at least £3,500 through card payments each month.

● Trading for at least 6 months.

Get a decision in 60 seconds

Instead of filling out a big, long application, you can get a quick quote from Capify in just 60 seconds. After a quick business cash advance application with our friendly Manchester-based team, your funds will be in your account within days.

89% ‘Excellent’ reviews on Trustpilot

Current customers have given our team of Account Managers excellent reviews on Trustpilot. They’re routinely impressed with the fast, uncomplicated, and friendly service.

Many Capify customers come back for more finance when they’ve repaid their previous business cash advance, because they know they can rely on us.

We only get paid when you do

Repayment is designed not to affect your cash flow. We’ll take a small percentage of your daily card transactions until the finance is re

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Excellent Customer Service

You will have one dedicated account manager who will guide you through the process and be on hand to answer any questions that you have. 

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UK Based Team

Our team is based in an office just outside of Manchester in a thriving market town called Altrincham. They support small business owners every single day. 

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Money Within Days

After you have been approved, the money will be in your account within days. This means you can start carrying out your plans straight away.

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