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If you’re looking for short term working capital for your retail business, you’ll know how many roadblocks you can encounter. More traditional finance-providers and banks make applying for working capital particularly difficult with strict requirements, many of which are hard to meet for most small business owners. Capify is different though, and can provide you with the short term capital you really need to make your business grow.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

Whatever your dreams for your business, you can make it happen with working capital from Capify. You could expand your stock, renovate your shop floor, or even develop an ecommerce site to attract new customers and improve your sales. You shouldn’t have to sit on your plans and wait for them to become affordable, particularly when many of your competitors are making the same developments. It’s time to generate the working capital you actually need.

With between £3,500 and £500,000 in business finance, Capify can help you put your plans into action. With the ability to raise 75% of your monthly revenue, we have been praised for our flexibility and accessibility by many of our existing customers. To qualify, all you need to do is prove that your retail business is a limited company, generates £7,000 a month in revenue, and has been operating for a minimum of 9 months. 90% of businesses are accepted under this criteria, so if you’ve been rejected many times in the past, don’t let that deter you from applying.

Repayments are particularly easy and flexible and will be set over a period which works for you, depending on your monthly revenue. Each day, small amounts will be paid from your business account over a period of 5 to 12 months. The costs are spread out and affordable, so you can be confident they are always manageable.

For a quick quote in 60 seconds, just apply online. We can tell you if your application will be approved too. If you want to take it further, you can talk to one of our experienced business loan advisors on the phone and they’ll talk you through the whole process. Our team have been awarded a 5-star rating by our existing customers, and are particularly knowledgeable in the service industry, so you can guarantee tailor made, expert advice.

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