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Hairdresser and salon owners throughout Britain are currently experiencing more pressures than other sectors. With online reviews counting for more and more, and an online presence becoming pivotal in the way businesses attract new customers, it’s a hard balance to maintain customer satisfaction and improve your profits. Most of the changes you want to make to your salon are costly, and affording them is a challenge. You have probably been turned down for finance from many differnet sources and are starting to run out of ideas. Capify is different – 90% of business owners who apply to us for short term working capital are approved quickly and get the finance they need in just a few days.


Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

£3,500 to £500,000 is available for beauty salons and hairdressers who apply to us, or 75% of your business’ monthly revenue. The application process is simple and our requirements are notably achievable. If you have been established for at least 9 months, process £7,000 every month, and are registered as a limited company, we can provide you with the short term working capital you need.

Enhance any aspect your business that could make it more successful and profitable. You could allocate more money to advertising, develop a new, improved website, or even invest in a booking platform which will make your customer’s lives easier. Whatever it is, you can make it happen. .

The repayment terms are easy to work with too. You don’t have to pay large monthly bills with surprisingly high interest rates added on. Instead, payments will be spread out gradually so they’re much more affordable. Every day, a small percentage of your working capital loan will be repaid to Capify, over a specific period of between 5 and 12 months. This will be decided with your loan advisor on application and will depend on your average monthly revenue.


Our business finance team are experienced in the beauty and service sectors, so they can accommodate your specific needs and help in any way they can. Call today and they’ll guide you through the whole process from raising the funds to repaying them, plus they’ll secure you the terms that you need, providing you meet the criteria. If you don’t have time for a phone call right now, you can request a quick quote in just 60 seconds online instead.


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