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Many retail businesses looking for short term, accessible finance options find themselves repeatedly rejected by many conventional business finance sources and banks. As a result, a lot of restaurant owners are looking to newer and more flexible alternatives. Without these short term business finance options, many restaurants would struggle to set their business apart from competitors or continue to develop.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

Capify has provided thousands of SMEs with finance options which have allowed many retailers to renovate their interior and fittings, buy or rent new premises, and expand into new product lines. You could potentially raise between £3,500 and £500,000 with a Capify short term business loan. Your retail business will be able to raise 75% of your monthly takings, so if you process £20,000 every month, for example, you would be able to raise £15,000.

The demands on retail businesses are constantly increasing. Many retailers come to Capify with dreams of establishing themselves in a new location or transforming their interior to attract a different kind of customer. Short term business loans from Capify can make it achievable for others, and you could be next.

The application process is easy too. You can get a quote and quick approval in just 60 seconds online. Our team of experienced business loan advisors understand the and retail sector thoroughly and have dealt with many other business owners in similar positions, so they can advise you on your specific requirements. Our team will also talk you through everything from raising the finance to repaying it, so you’ll understand every stage.

Repayment is over a short term period of 5 to 12 months, and involves small, daily amounts being paid from your business account until the loan is repaid. The period and terms will be adjusted so they’re appropriate to your monthly cash flow, so you won’t be out of your depth or feel any pressure at any stage.

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