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Many pubs throughout Britain are transforming their image to offer gourmet food, restaurant-quality service and picturesque, comfortable surroundings. Meanwhile, many bars are developing their own cocktail menus and developing their online marketing presence to attract new customers. Pubs and bars who don’t adapt and change with the current market are soon finding themselves left behind. Are there changes that you really want to make to your own pub or bar, but can’t access the right kind of business finance options?

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

Capify has been providing short term business loans for pubs and bars since 2008, and could help you raise between £3,500 and £500,000, or 75% of your monthly revenue. If, for example, your business processes £20,000 a month, you could raise £15,000 to make your ideas come to life. You could develop your menu, renovate any tired furnishings or introduce new staff training to improve and diversify your service.

For your pub or bar to qualify the requirements are simple. Your business needs to process takings of £7,000 a month, have been operating for 9 months and be a limited company. Capify has helped thousands of other businesses in the service sector and beyond who have previously been denied funding by more conventional sources. Without this short term alternative, many of the profitable and necessary changes they’ve made to their businesses would have been impossible.

Repayments are a smooth and simple process. Over a period of 5-12 months, small sums will be paid from your business bank account on a daily basis, making the repayments so small you’ll barely notice them. The amount won’t change and the time frame will be structured around your pub or bar’s revenue and cash flow.

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