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You see your hotel’s potential, but it can be hard to convince many lenders that it needs investment. Many hoteliers are now looking at flexible, short term alternative business loans to put their plans into action, and you’re no doubt one of them. Capify provides short term business loans for a lot of retail businesses and SMEs who have experienced rejection in the past, and you could certainly be one of them.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

Your retail business could raise 75% of your monthly takings, a sum of between £3,500 and £500,000, in only a few short days. For example, if you process £20,000 in takings every month, you could raise £15,000 with Capify for the improvements you want to make to your hotel business. You could renovate completely, refurbish rooms, or start marketing and branding online to attract new customers. It’s all possible with the funds you need.

The requirements are achievable and straightforward too, so you won’t find yourself filling in endless forms and jumping through hoops. If your hotel business processes £7,000 every month through your business bank account, has been established for 9 months or more, and is registered as a limited company, you meet Capify’s approval criteria and can start discussing the finance you need immediately.

Get a quick quote online right now, and you’ll find out if you’ll be approved too. All it takes is 60 seconds. If you’d like any more information or have questions, our team of business finance advisors are knowledgeable about your sector and can give you specific advice for your particular circumstances.

One of your main concerns as a hotel owner will be how repayments are made after taking out a short term business loan. Short term can often make people think of high interest rates and large, unexpected payments. With Capify, small, daily sums will be paid over a period of 5-12 months from your business bank account in manageable, predictable amounts. There are no unpleasant surprises or changes to the terms.

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