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As a hairdresser or salon owner, you’re constantly trying to improve your business and attract new customers. The main way to do this, as you know, is to consistently improve your treatments, maintain an online presence and to hire the best staff you can. This all costs money and it can be increasingly frustrating for salon owners who are struggling to access it, as they risk their business falling behind and stagnating in the process.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

Capify has helped thousands of SMEs and salon owners in the same position as you – full of ideas but unable to fulfill them. You could raise 75% of your monthly takings in a few short days, and have a figure between £3,500 and £500,000 to put your plans into action. Your salon could begin offering a new treatment or service, refurbish, buy new and expensive equipment or even just increase cash flow. Whatever it is, Capify can make it happen for you and your business.

The acceptance criteria are extremely simple. If you’re a limited company, have been established for at least 9 months and process a minimum of £7,000 through your business bank account every month, you could be accepted for a short term Capify business loan with ease.

Request a quick quote in 60 seconds now and you’ll find out if you can be approved. Our experienced advisors will then handle your specific needs and advise you on the best options for your particular business. The Capify team are specialists in a variety of service sectors, so they understand your particular requirements and how you want to advance your business. Plus, our existing customers have awarded them with a 5 star rating for helpfulness and clarity.

As for the repayments, you’ll be astonished by the ease of it all. Small, manageable amounts will be paid from your business account over a short term period of 5-12 months, and the amount will be based on your average cash flow and monthly revenue, so it will always be affordable for you.

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