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As a hairdresser and salon owner, you know all too well what kind of pressure you’re under to make your business succeed. Your main priority is making your business as successful as possible, but there are often unfortunate roadblocks standing in your way, including being repeatedly rejected for funding from many different sources.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

Capify offers a different approach though. We provide flexible, short term finance for 90% of the business owners who apply to us, making us one of the most approachable business finance providers in Britain. The small business landscape is difficult, and many hairdressers and salon owners don’t have the luxury of being able to plough their earnings into large redevelopment projects. Sometimes, the only option is short term business finance.

With short term business finance from Capify, your salon or hairdressers can put those big plans into action, which could make your business significantly more profitable. To meet the Capify requirements, your business must be a limited company, established for a minimum of 9 months and process £7,000 through your business bank account each month.


Once you’ve secured these funds, you can turn them into successful developments. You could hire new staff with new specialisms, buy new products and new equipment, or even expand into new, larger premises. Whatever you need to do to get more people through the door, it will be possible with short term business finance from Capify.

The finance you raise will be easy to repay too, as you don’t have to manually pay any bills at all and it’s based around your existing cash flow. Your loan will be repaid gradually on a day-by-day basis, spreading the cost over five to twelve months. This will be decided based on your salon or hairdresser’s monthly revenue.

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