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Business finance is becoming harder to come by, especially since the recession. Approval rates for traditional business loans are low and interest rates are high. However, Capify has developed a new kind of borrowing which offers a more flexible and easier approach to access funds.

A Merchant Cash Advance is a type of finance where you are able to get money based on your future debit and credit card sales. 

Flexible Repayments that Fit Your Business

You could be advanced anywhere from £3,500 to £500,000 which you could use to make essential company improvements or to purchase new stock and equipment.

Capify will take a small, daily percentage of your card sales, which will fluctuate depending on how much you process. This works really well for salon owners because they never have to struggle to save a large amount.

Most hairdressers and beauty salons process card payments, meaning it doesn’t take them long to repay the Merchant Cash Advance.

What Would You Use the Money For?

Many salon owners use the finance as a way of ensuring their cash flow is healthy when paying off bills or negotiating bulk orders with suppliers. The possibilities and opportunities are endless!

The advance itself is unsecured and approval rates are high – unlike traditional business bank loans. In some cases, you may qualify to extend your advance further, if required.

Get a 60 Second Decision

If you request a quote now, you’ll get it within 60 seconds, and be able to talk to a dedicated advisor over the phone if you have any further questions or queries. Once approved, you’ll receive your funds quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to make those all-important changes to your restaurant.

The Merchant Cash Advance is an extremely flexible way of raising finance for your restaurant business. If your plans take a little longer or become more expensive than you thought, you can negotiate more funding if you need to top-up once you’ve repaid 60%.

Raise finance with a Merchant Cash Advance

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