Salmon Kings, Bolton

Salmon Kings has been a major seller within Bolton Market since 1996. The stall, which offers predominantly fresh fish, is a huge hit and attracts lots of new and returning visitors each day. The owner Tony has over 25 years experience working in the business.

With the help of Capify’s business finance, Tony has expanded his stall so he now dominates more space; he’s also increased his range of products. He’s got some big ideas lined up for the future too!

There’s a significant amount of competition within the market alone, with numerous food, meat and fish sellers, there’s also major supermarkets situated close by. Despite being a well established and much-loved business, it’s important to keep testing new and exciting ideas to keep buyers intrigued; and that’s exactly what Tony has done, and continues to do.

25 years in business

Tony has a fantastic story to tell. With over 25 years experience working in Bolton Market, he’s got a strong returning customer base, and he’s continuously attracting new buyers to his bustling stall.


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Business Finance for Business Growth

The Merchant Cash Advance is a simple way to raise business finance. It allows business owners to make their exciting plans a reality; whether that’s a refurbishment, a marketing campaign, or replacing a broken appliance. 

Over the years, Tony from Salmon Kings has taken business finance from Capify several times. He’s used the money to propel his business forward and step ahead of his competition. Christmas is always a busy time of the year for Salmon Kings, so Tony decided that in order to maximise his sales, he needed more space. He took on an additional stall, which allowed him to offer more products to his eager buyers. Since that time, his sales have drastically increased.

He’s also used Capify’s Merchant Cash Advance to recruit more staff, and expand his already extensive range of products.

Despite the name, Salmon Kings offer so much more than fish; meat, poultry and quality BBQ packs can all be purchased from his thriving stall.

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“I would absolutely recommend using Capify to other people. The more we take over the counter through our terminal, the faster it’s paid off. It’s a win-win situation” – Tony, Salmon Kings 

Capify has been providing business finance to SMEs for over 10 years. The Merchant Cash Advance is a much-loved product which gives business owners the opportunity to raise from £3,500 to over £500,000. It’s the perfect option for people who accept credit and debit card payments.

Each day, a small percentage of the money that’s taken through the card machine will come to us, until the advance has been paid back. This figure fluctuates, so on a slow day we’ll take less and on a busy day, we’ll take a little bit more.

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