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Clothing retailers, electronics retailers, garden centres and many more have put the finance to good use.

The retailer cash advance works by offering your retail business an advance on its future earnings, the earnings made through credit and debit card transactions. Most retail units use this kind of payment method and if you transfer over £3,500 a month through this form of payment then you could qualify for the retailer cash advance.

The advance could be anything up to £250,000 and is repaid by a fixed and pre agreed percentage of each credit and debit card sale you make in the future. This means every time your customers pay for an item, a small percentage of their transfer will go straight to Capify to repay the advance. For this reason, we don’t call it a “loan” because it is far more flexible and easy to repay, as well as being unsecured with no fixed monthly repayments.

You keep making these repayments through your credit and debit card transactions until the full advance is settled. If you need a top up on your advance, there could even an opportunity to extend it further should the need arise.

Many of our retailer clients have used this valuable finance to open up new stores, buy in an extra range of stock or bulk buy stock, train staff or invest in marketing activities to help promote the retail unit. Many retailers also use the cash advance to help with cash flow problems.

The application process for a retail cash advance is quick and simple, just fill in the online form and one of the team at Capify will get back to you quickly. Once approved, which 4 out of 5 qualifying applications are, the funds you need could be in your business account in just two weeks.

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