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Restaurant business finance

The restaurant industry is very competitive which means that owners have to try hard to stand out and stay ahead of the game. There’s lots of ways in which to do this, through new menu’s, bold refurbishments and marketing and advertising campaigns; however, all of these things come at quite a cost.

If you’ve got any exciting plans to grow your restaurant business, Capify can help you. Through our unique business finance options, we’re able to raise owners from £3,500 to over £150,000

Many restaurant owners experience extreme changes in footfall; throughout the week and depending on the time of year. Our flexible business finance product was created with that in mind.

The Merchant Cash Advance for Restaurants

At the end of each working day, a small percentage of your credit and debit card takings will come to Capify and go towards your repayments. If you have a slow day, you won’t pay back much; on a busy day however, you’ll repay slightly more. It’s finance that doesn’t impact your cash flow.

The benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

Raise upwards of £3,500

Simple Repayments

Dedicated Account Managers

Opportunity to Renew

To be eligible for a Merchant Cash Advance, you'll need to:

  • Run a UK-based business either as a sole trader, in partnership, or as a limited company
  • Take at least £3,500 per month in card payments
  • Have at least 6 month’s trading records

The Merchant Cash Advance is a really easy way to raise additional money for your restaurant business. From your initial enquiry to being funded, you will be guided through the whole process by a dedicated account manager. They’ll be on hand to answer any questions that you have.

Many restaurant owners love the flexibility of the Merchant Cash Advance, along with the service which they receive from us.

Capify is proud to offer...

The personal touch

You’ll benefit from a dedicated account manager to guide you through the application process and answer all your questions.

UK Based support

We’re here to help. From our offices in South Manchester, we work with small businesses all over the UK.

Flexible Daily Repayments

Pay back the Merchant Cash Advance through your credit/debit card transactions, or make small regular payments to repay your loan.

Find out more...

If you would like to find out some extra information, watch our video and discover even more benefits of the unique Merchant Cash Advance.

Video: Merchant Cash Advance

Why Capify?

Capify’s goal is to provide simple, quick, and responsible access to capital. We prioritise flexibility, excellent customer service, and have invested in funding solutions that work.

Enquire now, and you’ll be guided through the process by a dedicated account manager. They’re there to answer your questions and take care of your application from first contact to receiving your funds.

We’re trusted by thousands of small and
medium sized businesses.

We take pride in working with thousands of UK businesses, and we really appreciate what they say about out
products and services.