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Broker and Partner Incentive: Terms and Conditions

1. Deals must be

a. for a new customer, that is one that held no existing Capify balance, however small, in the last 12 months’ and not already referred to Capify

b. submitted during the period 1st November 2021 to 31st December and funded by the 31st December 2021

2. A “Funded Deal” is either a Capify Business Loan or Capify Merchant Cash Advance, where an agreement has been signed by both the customer and Capify, and the funds have been transferred to the customers’ account.

3. Only deals that meet the following criteria will be included in the bonus scheme;

a. have been funded at a factor rate of 1.20 or greater will qualify towards the bonus. (Note Commissions must be notified to the borrower)

b. all origination fees must be at Capify’s standard rates, that is

i. Origination Fee – 4% of the amount borrowed

ii. Processing fee –

4. Capify reserve the right to;

a. withhold payment of the bonus in the event of a default within the first thirty days of funding

b. disqualify any deal from this scheme at any time without notice

c. discontinue or amend the scheme at any time without notice

5. The scheme is governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.

6. Within 30 days after the end of the bonus period, all deals that qualify (see section 1) will be totalled and the bonus calculated. Once notified, partners must generate an invoice for Capify to pay this amount. Standard invoice payment terms apply as per your Capify partner agreement.

7. All bonuses will be paid in GBP only and will be based on the following volumes of deals funded by Capify during the period of the scheme


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