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Running a restaurant, even when you’re well established with a strong team around you, is very demanding. There are great pressures on the service industry to continue to impress customers, retain loyal ones and stand head and shoulders above competitors and sometimes you need a bit of help to achieve this.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

The Capify Merchant Cash Advance allows you to raise between £3,500 and £500,000 in funds to enhance your restaurant business in any way you see fit. You can increase your stock to incorporate new menus, refurbish, fund new marketing campaigns, or even relocate.

Flexible Repayments that Fit Your Business

What makes the Merchant Cash Advance unique is that it’s unlike many conventional ways of raising finance for your business. Rather than being faced with regular, and potentially increasing, repayments, you’ll only repay your Merchant Cash Advance when your restaurant earns money through card payments. If your business takes a minimum of £3,000 a month in card payments, you qualify straight away.

Get a 60 Second Decision

If you request a quote now, you’ll get it within 60 seconds, and be able to talk to a dedicated advisor over the phone if you have any further questions or queries. Once approved, you’ll receive your funds quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to make those all-important changes to your restaurant.

The Merchant Cash Advance is an extremely flexible way of raising finance for your restaurant business. If your plans take a little longer or become more expensive than you thought, you can negotiate more funding if you need to top-up once you’ve repaid 60%.

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