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Running a hotel business, regardless of your experience level, is one of the most demanding sectors a business owner can be in, because it changes so much and requires constant re-evaluation. There are great pressures on the hotel and hospitality industry to cater to consumers in rapidly changing ways, improve their brand’s image and take advantage of new web and social media platforms. Sometimes you need a bit of help to achieve this.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

The Capify Merchant Cash Advance helps you to raise between £3,500 and £500,000 in finance to enhance your hotel business in any way you require. You can incorporate new staff training schemes, improve your services or make necessary renovations to older buildings, whatever your hotel needs.

Flexible Repayments that Fit Your Business

The Merchant Cash Advance is like no other source of finance you’ll have heard of. Many hoteliers have been turned away from banks and other lenders, because they’ve failed to meet their strict requirements, but the Merchant Cash Advance is flexible and much more easily accessible. You can raise between £3,500 and £500,000 in a matter of days, providing your business earns a minimum of £3,000 a month in debit and credit card payments.

Get a 60 Second Decision

The Merchant Cash Advance is also a favourable option in terms of repayments, which you’ll barely notice. Every time a card payment is taken from one of your customers, Capify will take a small percentage, meaning funds are only repaid when it comes into your business and you can manage it.

The majority of applicants find that they can raise 150% of their average monthly earnings with the Capify Merchant Cash Advance. The changes you want to make to your business might feel far away, but they’re much more accessible than you realise, and you might be able to raise more money than you think. If you process £20,000 a month in card payments, you can raise at least £30,000 in funding for refurbishment, training, new stock and developments in only a few days.

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