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Limited Company Loans For Any Purpose

Many directors have concerns about the idea of applying for limited company loans. They may believe that it is a tiring, time-consuming and frustrating process that involves a lot of credit checks and paperwork.

However, the traditional idea of a Ltd company loan from the bank is something of the past, as new, alternative and refreshing methods of finance are now benefiting more and more businesses across the UK.

Limited Company Loans For Any Purpose

There may be a variety of reasons that you need to take out a limited company loan. You may be expected to cover a large and unexpected bill, or on the other hand you may want to invest in a lucrative business opportunity which will require some capital to get behind the plan.

Whatever your reason for needing the finance, you could be advanced anything up to £150,000 from Capify.

Limited Company Loans For Any Purpose

The process of applying for this particular loan is very straightforward. Capify believe in having an easy-to-use and transparent finance solution. This means that there are no mountains of paperwork or in person meetings to attend. You can simply apply online using the quick and easy application form.

Limited Company Loans For Any Purpose

Repaying this kind of loan is also a straightforward process. Your repayment schedule is calculated on a daily automatic basis, which means that small amounts of money are taken out of your chosen business bank account each day.

The consequence of this is that you will not need to worry about large, lump sum monthly repayments or late fees.

If at anytime you feel that you need more money, as long as you are able to meet certain conditions then you could be eligible to extend the loan even further if a certain percentage of the original has been repaid.

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