5 Inspirational Business Owners That You Can Learn Something from
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5 Inspirational Business Owners That You Can Learn Something from

Every entrepreneur has a story behind them because no matter how experienced or knowledgeable they are, it takes real hard work and commitment to succeed. Like the saying goes, ‘there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs’. Here’s some of the most inspirational business owners out there…

 Joy Mangano

Joy is a film that came out in 2015 and stars the much loved Jennifer Lawrence, but did you know it’s based on a real life story?

Joy Mangano was a divorced mother of three who had a brilliant idea which she knew would revolutionise cleaning, the self-wringing miracle mop. She spent her life savings on creating a prototype and now she is worth at least $50m.

Despite the mops selling moderately well, the real turning point was when she got up on QVC to sell the product herself. Over 18,000 were bought in just half an hour.

Take Away: Nobody knows your merchandise better than you so don’t rely on other people to sell it. Get out there and have a go yourself, it might be out of your comfort zone but it will pay off.

Mark Zuckenburg

Facebook is the most popular social media tool used today and Mark Zuckenburg created it. Whilst studying at Harvard, Mark and a few friends came up with the concept of having a platform where college students were able to connect with one another, but soon they developed the product into something anyone could use.

Today, Facebook has become an extremely popular tool, used by billions of people worldwide. Individuals are able to share images, news, messages and connect with their friends or favourite brands.

Despite numerous offers to sell, Mark is still 100% behind Facebook 12 years on.

Take Away: Be Passionate. Mark created Facebook when he was still very young but he knew he was onto something good. He was always passionate about his product and despite facing numerous court battles he never gave up.

Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely is the inventor of the much loved women’s product, Spanx. Not only did she write her own patent rather than forking out to have one created by a lawyer, she also spent her time travelling around numerous hosiery mills, hopeful that someone would take her idea on board. She initially got turned away from all of them but eventually one man got back in contact after his daughters persuaded him how much of a good idea her concept was.

In 2012, Sara was named the world’s youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes.

Take Away: Perseverance and hard work are key. Sara was turned away multiple times after presenting her idea for Spanx, however this didn’t put her off following her dream. She knew she had a good product and that kept her motivated.

Richard Branson

I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of this guy before considering he is one of the most successful business owners in the world.

Richard Branson always wanted to be an entrepreneur and from a young age demonstrated his capabilities. At just 16 he set up a magazine called ‘Student’ and soon after opened his first record shop. From here, Richard acquired more and more businesses in varying industries and now his iconic brand is known worldwide.

Take Away: Be ambitious! Richard started with a magazine and now owns airlines, phone companies, trains and space travel… and that’s just to name a few. If you work hard and take risks, you never know where you could end up.

Richard Branson

David Goldin

David Goldin, the owner of Capify, also has his own inspiring story. A large company that dominated the business finance market in America didn’t want any competition, so David set out to prove that he had as much of a right to be there as they did. He travelled all over the US to get enough evidence to support his case and after presenting this, the United States District Court agreed with him. Now, Capify (formerly Amerimerchant) is one of the best known providers of business finance, with offices in the UK, America, Canada and Australia.

Take Away: Don’t Give Up. If you want something, do as much as you possibly can to make it happen. Don’t let larger businesses scare you because you have the same right to be trading as they do.

Is there someone you look up to as an inspiration?