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  • Why Your Loan Application Was Rejected by the Bank

If you have looked into obtaining a business bank loan and were turned down, you are not on your own. Typically their criteria is very strict and they expect customers to go through a long application process which can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

Capify is another option to consider, we can lend between £3,500 – £500,000 to limited companies and anywhere between £25,000 – £500,000 to sole traders and partnerships.

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How does it work?

If you process a minimum of £5,000 a month through your business bank account, you qualify for a Capify business loan – this means your business can raise up to 90% of your average monthly turnover.


If you turnover £20,000 a month through your business bank account, you can raise at least £15,000 with Capify, and in some cases even more.

We can offer you flexible loan repayments –  Capify automatically collects a small pre-agreed daily amount from your business bank account every day for the term of the loan and you simply choose between 5 to 12 month repayment programmes which ever suit your business.


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     The Benefits of Capify

Unsecured business finance

Fixed variable repayment options

You can apply online and a get a quote in 60 seconds

Access to funds within days


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medium sized businesses.

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