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Some SMEs put off applying for a small business loan because they’re concerned about traditional long repayment terms; they don’t want to be paying the finance off for years to come.

Luckily, there’s lots more options available now, and they were all created to make business finance more accessible and easier to repay.

A business loan can make the difference between growth and stagnation. Funding helps business owners pay for refurbishment, stock replenishment, staffing costs, and vital equipment upgrades.

Repayment over 6 or 10 months

With Capify’s Alternative Business Loan, small business owners  are able to pay back via small, regular repayments.

You can raise from £3,500, or 75% of your average monthly turnover. You’re eligible to apply if you process over £10,000 per month through your business bank account.

Capify will then take a small percentage from your business bank account on a regular basis, spreading repayments out over periods of 6 and 10 months. It’s up to you whether you repay over a shorter or longer period.

  • Raise 75% of your average monthly turnover
  • Capify take small, regular repayments until the loan is repaid
  • Repayment over 6 or 10 months

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Applying for the Alternative Business Loan is simple. To get started, fill out our quick quote form to find out how much you could raise.

Our Manchester-based team will then take you through the application over the phone. If you qualify, you’ll receive your funds within days.

Your business can raise finance for essential upgrades, refurbishment, and development.
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