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Finance to improve or expand your business

Hotels and other businesses who are working on expanding their companies may find it difficult to obtain their company goals without the backing of valuable and available finance. Whether the company goal is to refurbish a premises, relocate a store or simply use for cash flow, getting the right working capital finance is essential for many businesses to survive particularly in these economically difficult times.

Capify has designed a new way to borrow money which is an alternative solution to more traditional bank loans. This finance is known as a merchant cash advance and is ideal for many hotels and other businesses who process credit and debit card transactions more than £3,500 a month from their customers.

Easy to apply

The hotel working capital loan works by advancing a sum of money which is then repaid using a fixed and pre-agreed percentage of every future credit and debit card transaction made in the business. This is a refreshing, efficient and sensible way to borrow money because there is no fixed monthly fee and also no early repayment fee as with traditional bank loans.

The cash advance is also easy to apply for with a quick and simple online application, quick decision and high approval rate. Many hotels across London, Manchester, Birmingham and the UK have benefitted from this type of alternative lending.

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