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Hoteliers across the country are experiencing a lot of pressure to both innovate their business and maintain the reliable aspects which keep customers coming back. With more and more competitors coveting a greater online presence, developing more aggressive forms of advertising and introducing increasingly attractive offers, it’s a difficult battle to maintain precedence in the hospitality industry.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

Your retail business could raise between £3,500 and £500,000 in just a few days. You could access 75% of your monthly revenue much more quickly and easily than you thought. With this flexible finance, you can make those necessary changes to your hotel; whatever you think would make it more successful. Many hoteliers who raise finance with us decide to renovate their rooms and interior, hire new chefs, retrain their staff, or just increase cash flow. There are infinite possibilities, and it’s all up to you.

Your business must have been established for 9 months and generate £7,000 in revenue each month, plus be registered as a limited company, to be approved. Our terms are designed to be attainable, and 90% of the business owners who apply to us are approved for flexible business finance.

The repayment period will be structured around your business’ monthly revenue, and only small amounts will be repaid every day. There are no big bills and no sudden fees, it’s flexible and affordable for business owners up and down the country, which is what makes Capify so unique.

We can give you a quote in just 60 seconds, and tell you if you’ll be approved too. Just pick up the phone to one of our experienced business loan advisors to apply. Our team can advise you on your hotel’s particular circumstances and ensure the best terms. The Capify team has also been awarded a 5-star customer service rating too, so you can guarantee you’re getting the most informed advice.

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