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What can a small business loan be used for?

Looking to grow your business? Or just need a little extra working capital to keep your business moving? 

Our small business loans are available between £5,000 – £500,000 for almost any purpose.

We’re not a bank. Our lending criteria is different, and we look at more than just your credit profile.

Check your eligibility online in just two minutes, with no impact on your credit score, and you could receive your funds in as little as 24 hours.

How does the business loan work?

Unlike a traditional loan, Capify’s is paid back in very small amounts regularly. The repayments are completely automated so you don’t need to do anything. Many business owners love our regular payments, because they don’t have to save a large amount by a fixed date each month.

To be eligible for a business loan, you'll need to:

The benefits of a Capify business loan

From boosting business performance to fueling your ambition

Every business needs cash in its bank account to run properly. It doesn’t matter how big or small – cash flow is everything. It’s one of the few things that a corner shop and a massive international business have in common!

Naturally, that means some businesses need to boost their cash flow from time to time. Just like most people can’t afford to put several thousand pounds down for a new car instantly, a business owner also can’t afford to buy some of their assets up front either. That’s why they need a bit of help from a small business loan.

Flexible business finance gives business owners the time and resources to invest and keep growing. With that essential extra cash, those great opportunities will be within reach.

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Grow with a small business loan

Cash is king for a small business. Money creates choice, and opportunities for growth and development.

As a business owner, it’s up to you when and why you apply for business finance, and how you spend your money when you receive it. If you’re not sure, here are some common reasons to apply for a small business loan, and how ambitious business owners like you choose to spend it.

Small business loans to improve your businesses performance

Many business owners have their eyes on growth when they’re looking for business finance. They use their new cash to make sure their business is more productive, profitable, and proactive.

Improve cash flow

Without enough cash in the bank, running a business becomes much more difficult. A small business loan gives you the freedom to invest in the things that matter.


Hire and train staff

Whether they’re customer-facing, or working busily behind the scenes, your team is vital to your
growth and success. Keep them motivated and engaged with quality training, equipment, and


Bridging finance

Sometimes you need a short term boost to your business’ finances. If you’re waiting for a line of credit to become available, or for property to sell, a bridging loan can literally help you ‘bridge the gap’.


Sort out your debts

Become debt-free faster. Taking out a more competitive loan can help you reduce monthly payments.

Small business loans to fuel your business ambitions

Business owners are ambitious by nature, and always looking for new ways to grow. Take those hypothetical plans out of your imagination and turn them into reality with a small business loan.


Start a new business

Everyone gets their start somewhere. Your big idea could become your full-time job, a staple on your high street, or the next big startup.


Buy a new business or franchise

Growing your business could mean investing in another, or buying out a competitor. A small business loan can help you expand in the right way, at the right time.


Invest in property and equipment

Your assets can increase your business’ value, make your operations more efficient, and even help you introduce an entirely new product or service.


Purchase stock

Invest in the best raw materials, inventory, and supplies, and your customers will know you value them. A small business loan can help with the costs of purchasing and storing.


Develop marketing and advertising

You believe in your business, now tell other people what amazing things you can do. Funding can help you market yourself online and offline.


Growing an existing business

Every small business has different ambitions, goals, and problems to solve. Whatever’s on your wish list, Capify can help you pay for it.

Small business loans for troubled times

Every business faces tough periods. Late payments, a sudden expense, or unexpected changes, can eat into your savings or even force you to close your doors for a short period.

In some circumstances, finance can help a business through financial difficulties. Your advisor will talk you through the repayment process, and help you decide if a loan would work for you.

Can a small business loan be for personal use?

A small business loan can’t be used for anything other than your business. If you need a personal loan, you’ll need to apply through your bank or another personal finance provider. The terms and conditions will be quite different to a business loan.

There’s usually a lot of flexibility with a small business loan though, so it’s up to you how you spend it. Growth, expansion, and essential purchases are usually the top priority.


How does Capify’s flexible Business Loan work?

Our Small Business Loan is a reliable and manageable way to raise finance for your business. You’ll can use it to carry out new plans, both essential and ambitious!

Many small business owners use the money to decorate, buy new equipment, and fund staff training. Repayment is stress-free and structured to be affordable.

The big benefits of a Capify Business Loan

● Raise from £5000, or up to 75% of your average monthly turnover
● Pay back little and often
● No monthly lump sum payments
● Raise more finance when you’re done

To be eligible for a Capify small business loan, you’ll need to:

Capify’s small business loan can work for all kinds of businesses. We mainly work with small businesses, retailers, and hospitality businesses that are interested in growth.

● Run a UK-based business as a limited company
● Process more than £10,000 a month through your business bank account
● Have at least 12 months’ trading records

Raise 75% of your average monthly turnover with Capify

Capify is a reliable business finance provider with innovative products designed to work with the dynamic of your business. You could raise 75% of your average monthly turnover. To find out how much you can raise, get a quick quote in just 60 seconds.

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