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The Latest Manufacturing Industry Trends

Capify are always keeping up to date with the trends in the manufacturing industry in order to make sure we are offering you the best and most relevant manufacturing loans possible. But you should be keeping an out too as the industry is moving fast. We’ve put together some important industry headlines to help keep your eye on the manufacturing landscape. The manufacturing industry is thriving both within the UK and globally. This demonstrates there is ample opportunity for growth for businesses small and large.

  • In 2019 the of Office For National Statistics valued the total UK manufacturing product sales at £390.1 billion a 2.5% increase vs.. last year.
  • 9 million people regularly worked in the gig economy in 2017; by 2021, that number is projected to reach 9.2 million according to Microsof. 

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What Manufacturing Markets Do We Work With?

Capify works with businesses across a large range of manufacturing markets and have a
solid history of supporting British manufacturing with small business loans. Find out
how we could help you with manufacturing finance in your marketplace.


Finance For Manufacturing: What’s Available?

Capify Manufacturing Finance is Different. They are different from that of similar providers because we offer
an unbeatable level of repayment flexibility. You choose the period in which you pay us back from 6 – 12 months.
Plus take advantage of choosing one of the three below options.



Small Manufacturing Business Loans

Our innovative business loan product is designed to provide much-needed help to your manufacturing firm. Business loan customers repay on a little and often basis, usually daily or weekly to help with cash flow management. They don’t have to worry about a large monthly repayment on a fixed date each month*.

We wanted to create a unique manufacturing business loan which is more flexible than traditional options. Typically, loans are repaid once a month, but that means owners have to consciously save for a fixed date.

Capify Business Loan Benefits:

Our business loan offers superior flexibility over other manufacturing loan types. For example, asset finance loans provide funding for manufacturers to purchase or loan assets but are often fixed and can only be used for one specific purpose. Venture capital loans also lock down your business and eat up equity which you may wish to retain for business investors. Don’t water down a slice of your own pie with venture capital. Take out a 100% flexible manufacturing business loan with Capify.

*All options are subject to credit approval.



Our Business Loan Can Be Repaid In 3 Ways


The Daily Repayment

With this option, we’ll take a very small repayment every single day until the finance is paid back. It’ll help you to manage your cash flow.


The 5 Day Repayment

This option is repaid between Monday – Friday. It’s the perfect solution for businesses that are closed during the weekends.



Once a Week

With this option, you’ll repay your
loan just once a week.


What Can I Use A Manufacturing Loan For?

There is an abundance of reasons you may wish to take out a manufacturing loan, but its important you think strategically in terms of what you use it for. Some may require working capital loans to bridge payments and others may wish to make purchases and grow their business. Whatever you use your loan for Capify has got manufacturers’ back.

Invest In Machinery & Robotics

Purchase new efficient machines or invest in
top of the range robotics 


Invest In Highly Skilled Staff

Employ a new set of extremely talented
people and lead with innovation

Invest In New Technology

Streamline your production process by
investing in new technology

Financial Challenges For Manufacturers

Managing Your Working Capital

The nature of the manufacturing industry means that there can be large lead times between payments and payments are often only given on completion of work or even up to 30 days after a set invoice. This in addition to having to deal with inventory management, having the right raw materials, running costs and labour costs cash flow can often be a challenge. Small manufacturing firms don’t have access to just in time supply chains unlike conglomerates meaning working capital is stretched from month-to-month. Capify can provide you with manufacturing loans to help you bridge that gap in your working capital.

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Evolving Manufacturing Technology: Can you keep up?

The manufacturing industry in general alongside digital is seen as being the potential birthplace for the UK’s forth industrial revolution. Manufacturing technology can cover several corners of your business. For example: software, material removal and forming, addictive processes, workholding, tooling, material handling and automated systems. A key movement at the very heart of all this is the use of data and artificial intelligence and investing in it can be very costly. Investing in artificial intelligence can help your business improve quality and consistency in production output, aid human and robot collaboration, make better products with generative designs. Could you start to invest in automation? Capify can help fund it.


How can a Manufacturing Loan Help Me in My Market?

Mechanical Machinery & Equipment

Does your business produce mechanical machinery or equipment? Capify can help you achieve growth. The EEF reported that the UK’s mechanical-equipment industries growth will come from intelligent manufacturing ‘4IR’ technologies. This is also seen as being part of the much discussed forth industrial revolution. Capify can help you drive investment into this with flexible small business manufacturing loans.


Electrical Machinery & Equipment

No matter if you produce electrical boxes or small electrical components for the private or public sector Capify have got your back with manufacturing finance. The market has recently received a £28 million-pound investment as universities in Newcastle and Sheffield work on future proofing our industry. From wind turbines to electric cars. The time for investment is now.

Furniture & Wood

The British Furniture Manufacturing Association recently reported in their trade and price survey, that confidence across the sector has risen by +61% a huge leap forward from the last research at +22%. There is definitely an area of confidence in the market at the moment and is a prime place for future investment. Capify works with furniture manufactures’ like you to help fund that growth.


Clothing & Textiles

The need for clothing and fashion manufacturing is ever increasing as the British publics hunger for fast fashion continues. Wholesale clothing manufactures and suppliers such as the those that supply e-commerce brands like ASOS often require that extra working capital finance to help them purchase raw materials and compete on margins. You may wish to invest in machine learning to help you further understand the needs of fashion consumers and therefore clothing retailers. Apply for funding here.

Steel & Metal Fabrication

One of the more traditional forms of manufacturing and a troubled one in recent years. However, Market Watch forecasts growth for the industry overall through 2024. The government has recently announced huge industrial project investment propelling the need for metal and steel fabrication in the UK. No to mention the UK’s booming automotive industry. The market has a significant skills gap, but don’t worry because Capify can help you with the much-needed manufacturing business loan, so you can go out and train or employ those highly skilled trades men or women.


Food Manufacturing

The food manufacturing industry in the UK is set for 33% growth according to Food Manufacturer. £230 billion is spent on food and drink every year in the UK and we export over £23 billion of our products. Clearly, the food and drink industry is positioned well for you to make great investment your business. Capify work with small businesses like yours to provide you with that much needed funding. Take out a food manufacturing loan now and it could help you to provide your customers with innovation they need. For example, invest in your eco-friendly packaging services, the vegan food revolution or look further into private label.


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