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Everything a small business needs to know about paying off an MCA early


The Merchant Cash Advance helps small businesses grow fast. With an injection of funds, you can invest in brand new equipment, give your staff the best training, renovate, or even knock down walls and build extensions.

This can help you serve more customers, develop your brands, and introduce brand new services.


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  1. Small, manageable repayments
  2. Raise more cash when you’re ready



Small, manageable repayments


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The Merchant Cash Advance is perfect for retail businesses, salons, restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. Every time cash comes into your business through card payments, a small percentage will be taken as repayment. If you’re closed one day, you won’t repay a penny.

This is business finance that works with your cash flow, not against it.


Raise more cash when you’re ready


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When 60% of your original Merchant Cash Advance has been repaid, you can raise more cash for your next small business project, big or small.

Business development and growth is an ongoing process – you’ll need to keep investing in training, renovation and stock going forward. When you’re ready to raise more funds, Capify can provide another Merchant Cash Advance so you’ll have the funds to grow even more.

To find out more about early repayment options, talk to the Capify account management team.



Raise £3,500 to over £150,000 for your small business

Capify offers flexible finance with simple repayments. There are no massive monthly Direct Debits to think about, just small manageable payments that are easy to keep track of.

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