Merchant cash advance with poor credit

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How does the business loan work?

Unlike a traditional loan, Capify’s is paid back in very small amounts regularly. The repayments are completely automated so you don’t need to do anything. Many business owners love our regular payments, because they don’t have to save a large amount by a fixed date each month.

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The benefits of a Capify business loan

Getting a merchant cash advance with less than perfect credit

It can be very challenging to access business capital when you have poor credit and don’t know where to look. You won’t have a lot of success if you look to get funded by a bank with bad credit, but this doesn’t mean there is no way for you to access the capital you need. One of the best options to obtain funding for your small business when your credit record is poor is to get a Merchant Cash Advance. While this isn’t the cheapest form of business financing, it’s easier to get approved for funding – some lenders have approval rates as high as 95%, even factoring in applicants with poor credit. Let’s explore who could benefit from Merchant Cash Advances with poor credit.

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What is poor credit?

The phrase ‘poor credit’ generally describes a record of failures to keep up with payments on credit agreements. It means you haven’t been able to make credit repayments and other financial obligations on time, or maybe haven’t repaid them at all. A credit report also takes into account things like bankruptcies and legal judgements against you. With a personal or business record that doesn’t make good reading, you will find it more challenging to obtain traditional loans from conventional lenders.

Credit reporting agencies collect the data that makes up your credit history and compile it into a single report. Each agency compiles its own report, and there may be some variation between them due to errors or omitted data. Your credit record is often a key component of the decision-making process for lenders you seek finance from, so poor credit can be a massive obstacle to obtaining the finance your business needs.

Improving your business credit score

Your credit score is a number based on your credit history that represents the health of your credit record. If this number is low, your chances of obtaining funding will be lower too. There are various things you can do to improve your credit score and thereby increase your chances of getting the funding you need. Here are a few simple steps to take:


  • Always pay bills on time
  • Pay off any outstanding debts and keep balances as low as possible on any revolving credit, like credit cards
  • Only apply for new credit accounts when absolutely necessary
  • Keep unused credit cards open
  • Avoid having too many credit inquiries performed against you
  • Challenge any inaccuracies you identify in your credit reports

There is no quick fix for poor credit scores, you just need to follow the general good practice guidelines and be patient. It’s all about consistency, and this can only be demonstrated over time. 

Getting a Merchant Cash Advance with poor credit

The difference when you apply for a Merchant Cash Advance is that lenders will take a more holistic view of your business, rather than basing their decision entirely on your credit history. At Capify, we like to look more at your current financial situation. We ask questions like who you are and why you need the capital. We look at a poor credit score and think about what caused it, the reasons behind certain decisions and problems arising. Sometimes, a business can be a good risk for a lender even if their credit score isn’t good – for example, if your business can demonstrate good cash flow, this can really work in your favour. We will look at your credit record, but this is just one element of a broader approach to deciding whether you qualify for a Merchant cash Advance. 

What can poor credit Merchant Cash Advances be used for?

A merchant cash advance can be used to help with anything you might use a traditional business loan for. For example, it can fund the addition of new software to an e-commerce website to help improve things like customer service. Or it can help add something that’s missing from a product or service at the last minute, for example in a B2B transaction. It can help you get new stock for a seasonal event, or it can even help mitigate an emergency like a burst pipe or broken electrics.

Will I need to secure a Merchant Cash Advance with poor credit?

No, you won’t necessarily have to offer something as security. If you are a sole trader, you may be personally liable for the repayments, while if you are a limited company you may be required to offer a personal guarantee. This will differ from one situation to the next.

Poor credit Merchant Cash Advance calculator

At Capify, we make it easy to get started. All you need to do is use our Merchant Cash Advance Calculator and find out how much you can raise – anything from £3,500 to £500,000. Our quick and easy tool asks you a few quick facts about your business and lets you know how much you could raise.


Capify are specialists in providing business loans and Merchant Cash Advances, meaning we can look at finance options for businesses with all manner of credit profiles. We’ve been providing Merchant Cash Advances to businesses for more than 10 years, and are actually one of the founding lenders that started this increasingly popular lending option. Our eligibility criteria is simple:


  • You need to have been trading for a minimum of 6 months
  • You need to be taking a minimum of £5,000 per month in card transaction


If you would like to find out more about getting a Merchant Cash Advance with Capify, have a look at this page. Alternatively, drop us a line and we’ll have a chat about your business and what you need. Our aim is to help you get the funding you need, even with a bad credit score, and we’ll do all we can to make that happen.

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