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Equipment finance or asset finance is a financial tool used by thousands of businesses. Typically, it involves a lender providing funding to a business that requires new or replacement equipment. You could also secure funding by putting a piece of equipment down as collateral. Leased or purchased equipment often allows the business to rapidly increase their rate of growth or production output. In summary:

  • Asset finance is linked to high-value equipment purchases or securing additional funds against a business’ existing assets (such as a lorry, printing press, etc).
  • This type of business finance is available to any size and type of business that meets our eligibility criteria.
  • Finance for commercial vehicle, plant and machinery in 2019 has been reported to have the strongest growth rates at 9% and 5% compared with 2018. This shows a growing need for this type of equipment finance – Source.
  • Equipment finance to the manufacturing and construction sectors has recently seen double-digit-growth – Source.

Do you have an idea of how much you need and what equipment you require? Apply now and secure equipment finance with Capify.

The Benefits of Equipment Finance

There are many benefits of coming to Capify for a Equipment Finance.


Tax Efficiency

There are many types of equipment finance, however, some like equipment leasing are more tax efficient than buying outright. That’s because leasing is a monthly expense rather than heavy asset on your books.


Easy Working Capital Management

Equipment finance in all its forms offers fantastic flexibility. This enables you to manage your working capital in a smoother way. Payments are predictable, so you can plan and budget much more effectively. You can focus on other areas.


Scale and Level Up

Once you own your piece of equipment it will start to earn extra revenue. This means you can use your additional cash to further invest in your business’s growth. Could you invest in marketing, employ new staff or purchase more new equipment.

Secure £5,000 - £500,000 of equipment finance

What Could I Do With Equipment Finance?

Businesses who require equipment finance often have some idea of what they wish to use it for. 

See what you could use equipment finance for below:

Buy New Kitchen Equipment

Buy New Machinery

Buy New Motors

Business Funding Top Tip:

Before you enter into any agreement for equipment finance or asset finance make sure that you consider how long you may need that equipment for.  Make sure the asset being bought will serve your needs for the whole length of the agreement or you will be stuck paying for an asset or equipment that you don’t need. For more tips view our blog here.

*This information is intended solely to provide guidance and is not financial advice. Capify recommends you obtain independent financial advice.

Types of Equipment Finance

There are several types of equipment finance / asset finance available to businesses of all types.
Each has its different uses, benefits and disadvantages. Terms vary between these different types so, its
important to ensure you know what they are. Our business funding experts are happy to help you.

1. Hire Purchase

The hire purchase provider retains all ownership of the asset to be leased over the term of the agreement and leases it to the business for agreed regular fixed payments.

2. Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing is a very similar finance option leasing, in that the provider buys the equipment required and the provider then rents this for a regular fixed fee over an agreed period. Once that period ends, the business can choose to extend the lease, upgrade the item, buy it at an agreed sum or simply return it to the provider.

3. Asset Refinancing

Using one or a group of your businesses assets as security against a business loan. Once the arrangement has been agreed, the business makes regular repayments over the agreed period to replay the loan with added interest.

Equipment Finance For Manufacturing

Capify helps provide equipment finance for manufacturers of all shapes and sizes. Fuel your manufacturing businesses growth by investing in new equipment. Whether its tanks, mixers, centrifuges, generators, compressors, 3D printers Capify have got your back. You could also weld together the gap in your cashflow and secure business finance by putting one of your current assets up for collateral.

Equipment Finance For Hospitality

Having the right kitchen equipment is essential to creating great food and great experiences. Equipment finance could allow you to do that. We have a 10-year history of working with and supporting the British hospitality industry. You could purchase a new confection oven, ventilation system, burner, hot plate, refrigerated prep station and much more. Commercial kitchen equipment is very expensive so equipment finance could be the right option for you.

Our Industry Specialisms:

At Capify all our funding is underpinned by our industry expertise and we pay close attention to specific markets.
We offer funding for equipment finance across a range of different purposes and sectors, for example: Office and
IT equipment, Buses, coaches, cars, vans, manufacturing and heave machinery, kitchen equipment, warehouse
shelving and much more! 

Explore the industries we fund below:

Secure £5,000 - £250,000 of equipment finance

Pros & Cons of Equipment Finance

👍🏻 Small Upfront Costs

Much smaller or no upfront costs when purchasing high-value items.

👍🏻 Cheaper than Overdrafts

A useful alternative to other lending methods such as bank loans or overdrafts, which typically charge higher interest rates.

👍🏻 Fixed Payments

Fixed payments make it easy to budget for the costs over the long-term.

👎🏻 Loss of Equipment

Failure to pay could result in the equipment being removed. This could pose serious problems if it is a crucial element of your business such as a cooker.

👎🏻 Accidental Damage

All accidental damage that is not covered under any warranty or servicing agreement will be liable to you not the lender.

👎🏻 Not Short Term

Equipment finance or asset finance is not a short-term solution to money worries. 99% of lenders won’t offer equipment loan for less than 12 months.

Your Questions Answered: Equipment Finance

Remember all items must be a D.I.M.S. item – Durable, Identifiable, Moveable, Saleable.

It all depends on your credit worthiness and how you’ve acted in the past. Capify judges each request on a case by case basis. So, of you have bad credit its not a no – so apply now and see if we can offer you a loan. Find out more here.

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