Business loans in an emergency


If your business is in need of quick finance because of stalling cash flow or to satisfy sudden demand, it might be worth considering an emergency loan. With many different emergency small business loans available, you can get the funding you need quickly and easily.


Article Contents

  1. What is an emergency business loan?
  2. Who can apply for an emergency business loan?
  3. How does an emergency business loan work?
  4. Why might you need an emergency business loan?
  5. Getting an emergency business loan
  6. Secured or unsecured emergency business loans?



What is an emergency business loan?


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An emergency business loan is like any other business loan, except the application and payment is designed to be much quicker. This makes it the primary choice for businesses that need a quick cash injection.



Who can apply for an emergency business loan?


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In short – any business. Application and approval are not the same thing, however. Each lender will have their own individual requirements that need to be satisfied before the loan is approved. Your circumstances, loan amount, and current financial health will all determine whether the loan is accepted or not.



How does an emergency business loan work?


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An emergency business loan works like any other – in as much as it begins with an application, which is then reviewed, followed by payment. The key difference of an emergency small business loan is the speed at which the application is reviewed and the money paid into your account.



Why might you need an emergency business loan?


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There are a number of circumstances which may lead your business to consider an emergency loan. It’s important to note, however, that an emergency business loan is not designed to absolve you of sudden debt. This is why most accountants will only advise you to take an emergency business loan if you have a practical and actionable plan to comfortably make the repayments. If your business finances are that dire, more debt will not help – it’s advisable to explore other avenues. Generally, an emergency business loan will be required in one or more of the following circumstances.


  • For business growth – marketing and advertising campaigns require an initial investment, with returns likely to take a little time to manifest.
  • Cash flow injection – daily operating costs and bills can occasionally spiral, as well as unexpected increases to utility bills and ground rent.
  • Seasonal demand – businesses often need to invest in more stock at peak-seasonal periods of the year, which require upfront investment.
  • Business emergency – unexpected losses, drawn-out insurance payouts, or difficulties in the marketplace can put a sudden hole in your finances.


An emergency business loan is designed to provide a short term cash injection to get your business through a difficult time, not to be the answer to ongoing financial troubles.



Getting an emergency business loan


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Your application can be approved on the same day – as long as you’re prepared. Make sure you have the relevant business documentation, statements, and financial information ready before you begin your application. Accounts need to be up to date, and all information you provide needs to be current. If you invest the time to do this before you make your application, it can be approved faster.



Secured or unsecured emergency business loans?


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Emergency business loans are available both secured and unsecured.

As with any loan, the right one depends on your current circumstances. An unsecured loan might be approved quicker, however, you personally will be liable if you happen to default on the debt. A secured loan takes more time to apply for, however, you can usually borrow more and enjoy lower interest rates.


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