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The UK is full of millionsof business owners, but who are they exactly? According to PSC data from Companies House the average age of a business owner in the UK is 51 years old, with figures skewed heavily towards male business ownership. With 72.92% of small business owners being male and 27.08% being female.

It can be challenging to succeed as a small business owner in a competitive market. Increasingly business owners are finding that the only way to expand their businesses revenue is to invest more, but with obstacles like poor credit records and ever-evolving markets, more and more cash-strapped small businesses are turning to various alternative funding options.


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  1. What is a cash advance for business owners?
  2. How cash advance are benefiting the UK’s small business owners
  3. Getting a cash advance as a business owner
  4. Checking your eligibility for a cash advance as a business owner
  5. What can business owners do with a cash advance?
  6. UK small business ownership
  7. Apply for a business cash advance

What is a cash advance for business owners?


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A cash advance is a lump sum of money that can be paid to business owners to invest as they see fit in their company. It is usually designed to come together quickly, and to help overcome the many obstacles that can make conventional loans inaccessible for so many ambitious business owners. In some cases, the capital can be released within 24 hours, enabling business owners to get the ball rolling with making the investments they need to grow and evolve.



How cash advance are benefiting the UK’s small business owners


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The stand-out feature is that the lending product is aligned directly with the cash flow of your business – no term is attached to the advance, and the fee that is charged is all-inclusive. It takes the strain off during quieter months, as payments reduce automatically, and the application/approval process is quick and simple. It is the unsecured funding option that small business owners need – just look at this article to see how much they are helping UK businesses.


Getting a cash advance as a business owner


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When you apply for a cash advance, we take more into account than just a credit check. We look at the performance of your business, and the card transaction volume, to determine whether you are a good candidate for an advance. Our merchant cash advance is an alternative business loan, and can secure you between £3,500 and £500,000, depending on your needs and the monthly turnover of your company. Approval depends largely on the performance of your business, with credit score only serving as one component of the bigger picture. Repayments are flexible since they are based around a percentage of your monthly card payment takings, and our decision won’t affect your credit score.


Checking your eligibility for a cash advance as a business owner


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Find out if you’re eligible for an advance, and how much you could get, by using our ‘Quick Quote’ tool from our website. Our basic criteria are as follows:

  • You must have been trading for a minimum of 6 months (most banks require at least 2 years)
  • Your monthly card takings must be at least £5,000

We can provide finance for a wide range of business types, so don’t be afraid to make an enquiry.


What can business owners do with a cash advance?


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Getting a quick injection of capital to invest is all about having something to help build towards your aspirations. In some cases, it will help pay for unfortunate mishaps like a burst pipe. More often, it will go towards more positive business endeavours like:

  • Investing in new technology
  • Purchasing stock
  • Training staff
  • Renovating premises
  • New marketing pursuits

There are all sorts of ways to grow your business, and with an injection of new capital you can invest in your own growth. In a competitive market, you need to invest in your future to be able to thrive, and a cash advance for small business can be a great option to make that happen.


UK small business ownership


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In the UK, there are more than 5.6 million small businesses as of the end of 2018. Some of the biggest pains and frustrations include bookkeeping, hiring, marketing and staff training, all of which can be helped with the investment that becomes possible when you obtain a cash advance. Owning and running your own business is challenging, and if you are constantly strapped for cash then you can only make the best of what you already have. Investment is essential for growth, and you need to find the best way to be able to do this for your business.


Apply for a business cash advance


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Capify have been helping small businesses get funding for more than 10 years, and are one of the pioneers of the merchant cash advance. We believe all businesses deserve a chance to thrive, and will not dismiss your application just because your credit record isn’t the best. Apply for a cash advance with us, and we’ll examine the performance of your business and determine how much money you would be comfortably able to repay. Contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling.


Raise £3,500 to over £150,000 for your small business

Capify offers flexible finance with simple repayments. There are no massive monthly Direct Debits to think about, just small manageable payments that are easy to keep track of.

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