Excerpt: Businesses in Northern Ireland can raise cash to develop and grow. Find out more about loans and finance.

Raise £5,000 to over £500,000 for your small business

The capital is home to huge global corporations, SMEs, and vibrant startup hubs. One of the biggest cities in Europe, it’s full of potential customers and business opportunities.

Some facts you didn’t know about business in Northern Ireland

Some facts you didn’t know about business in Northern Ireland

It’s one of the most affordable places in the UK to run a business

Office space in Belfast costs £16.00 per sq ft, compared to £69.50 per sq ft in the City of London.

Its capital is a tech hub

According to the Financial Times, Belfast is the “number 1 destination for new software development projects in Europe”.

Northern Ireland has the best access to superfast broadband in the UK

Northern Irish residents and businesses find it really easy to download, stream, and search. 100% of the region has excellent access to broadband.

It’s small, but it’s powerful

Northern Ireland is home to world-class businesses in technology, and financial and professional services. These sectors have grown considerably in the last few years thanks to investment.

Belfast Harbour has been a centre of trade for over 400 years

Belfast Harbour can trace its history back to 1613, when the strangest imported items were tigers and monkeys. Now, it’s home to 700 businesses employing 23,000 people. 

Investors keep coming back

According to Invest NI, “almost 80% of new investors have already reinvested in Northern Ireland”.

Helping local businesses with Business Loans Northern Ireland

For over a decade, Capify has been helping British small businesses succeed, wherever they’re based. Salons, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and many other service businesses have been able to raise affordable, flexible finance with a provider that understands their needs. 

Every independent business should be able to put their big plans into action, making essential improvements, expanding their premises, and developing new customer relationships. With a Capify business loan, your business can splash out on the best stock, update equipment for greater efficiency, redecorate, invest in new furniture, or grow in new and exciting ways. 

Whatever you have planned, Capify can help you raise funding to make it happen.

How does the Capify Business Loan work?

Many businesses in Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland find it hard to manage expensive monthly repayments. This can make it difficult for them to raise the finance they need.

With Capify, repayments are affordable and simple. You can raise £5,000 to over £500,000 with Capify, then pay off the loan in small daily or weekly payments over 6 to 12 months. Whatever works for you.

The benefits of a Business Loan from Capify

Raise from £5,000
Pay back little and often
No monthly lump sum
Opportunity to raise more funds

Get your funding within days of applying

To be eligible for a Business Loan, you’ll need to:

  • Run a UK-based business as a limited company
  • Process more than £10,000 a month through your business bank account
  • Have at least 12 months’ trading records

What Northern Irish businesses can do with a Business Loan

What Northern Irish businesses can do with a Business Loan

Transform your premises

Give your business a makeover. Renovation and refurbishment can include tidying up old fixtures and paintwork, making your space more practical for staff, and more comfortable for customers and clients.

Speed things up

Dramatically cut the time you spend on regular admin and processes. Software and automation tools like POS systems, staff management apps, and stock ordering tools can free up your time for much more important things.

Educate your team

With a well-trained team behind you, you’ll have even happier customers. Staff training can include developing management experience, learning brand new skills, customer service training, and getting to grips with new tools and equipment.

Spread the word

Attract brand new customers, both online and offline. With a Capify Business Loan, you can invest in digital marketing, print advertising, and web development to increase website traffic and boost the number of bricks-and-mortar customers.

Capify is proud to offer…

Capify is proud to offer…

The personal touch

A real person will always pick up the phone. If you apply, you’ll speak to your very own personal account manager. They’ll answer your questions, and take care of the whole process.

Business Loans Northern Ireland

Get a quote online in just 90 seconds. Apply through an experienced advisor, based in our south Manchester office. 

Affordable repayments

Small, easy repayments. Payments are automatic, so you can keep growing your business while you’re paying off your loan.

Simple, quick, responsible access to business finance

We’ve developed our business loan over 10 years, helping small businesses in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Our customer service is helpful and flexible, and our products are designed to work for small businesses with a lot on their plate.

Get a quick quote now and you could get your cash in a few days.

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