Giving businesses in Birmingham access to capital

A lot of Britain’s most successful businesses were born in Birmingham. The UK’s ‘Second City’ is known for its industry and innovation, from world-famous Cadbury World, to the ‘Silicon Canal’. The city’s economy is dominated by the service sector with the city having the second largest concentration of financial and business service jobs in the United Kingdom. Capify is already helping businesses in Birmingham grow by offering a range of funding options, all designed with small businesses in mind.

Birmingham as a small business hotspot

There are more startups and independent businesses in Birmingham than any other city outside of London. In 2017, “12,108 businesses were started in the UK’s second city”, with Manchester, Glasgow, Leicester, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Liverpool following closely.

More traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses can be just as successful in Birmingham. The city’s thriving high streets feature clock-makers, art galleries, chocolatiers, wine sellers, and traditional barbers. Independent restaurants are more than just the flavour of the month too – Birmingham is home to Michelin stars, family-run bistros, and street food.

Some facts you didn’t know about business in Birmingham

Some facts you didn’t know about business in Birmingham

It’s home to the UK’s biggest exhibition centre

850 events are hosted at the NEC every year, attracting thousands of exhibiting businesses from all kinds of different sectors.

Birmingham is one of the UK’s youngest, most multicultural cities

Over 45% of the city’s 1 million people are under 30, and 42% are non-white. This is reflected in its restaurant scene, which features over 100 Indian restaurants and 5 Michelin stars.

Its most famous brand nearly didn’t work out

John Cabury began selling tea, coffee, and hot chocolate on Bull Street in 1824. When the next generation took over, the business was losing money rapidly. It was making the permanent switch to chocolate that saved it, and turned it into the world’s second largest confectioner.

Birmingham loves to shop (and has for a very long time)

The famous Bull Ring shopping district was established way back in 1154.

The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham is the largest in Europe

There are more jewellery makers in this area than anywhere else in Europe. The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is literally “a national treasure”, according to English Heritage.

Birmingham inventors have changed the world

We’ve got Birmingham to thank for the X-Ray machine, bicycle bell, smoke detector, photocopier, electric kettle, and windscreen wipers.

Helping local businesses with Business Loans Birmingham

At Capify, we want to see local businesses, retailers, restaurateurs, and small business owners prosper. Our team is based in Altrincham, south Manchester, and we support businesses around the UK.

How does the Capify Business Loan work?

How does the Capify Business Loan work?

Wherever they’re based, businesses find it tough to manage large monthly repayments. It can even put them off sourcing business finance completely. That’s a lot of growth and potential they’re missing out on!

The Capify Business Loan is available from £5,000 to over £500,000. Instead of repaying a big sum every month, you’ll repay small daily or weekly sums. Your cash flow stays safe while you repay your Business Loan.

Plus, the repayment frequency is entirely up to you. You can choose to repay daily or weekly, over a 6 to 12 month period. Whatever suits your business best!

The benefits of a Business Loan from Capify

The benefits of a Business Loan from Capify

Raise from £5,000

Pay back little and often

No monthly lump sum

Opportunity to raise more funds

Get your funding within days of applying

To be eligible for a Business Loan, you’ll need to:

  • Run a UK-based business as a limited company
  • Process more than £10,000 a month through your business bank account
  • Have at least 12 months’ trading records

What your Birmingham-based business could do with a Business Loan

What your Birmingham-based business could do with a Business Loan

Refurbishment and renovation

Keep your interior looking sharp. Refurbishment can help you fill reservations, attract new buyers, and turn your business into a destination.

Business technology

Apps and software can help your business run smoothly, and cut down the time you and your staff spend on admin. Make your small business as efficient as possible.

Staff training

Invest in skills and education your staff will really benefit from. Their growth will help you impress and delight your customers.

Marketing and advertising

Develop your current advertising remit, or branch out into a totally new channel. Capify’s Business Loan can help you pay for designers, strategists, advertising space, and more.


Capify is proud to offer…

Capify is proud to offer…

The personal touch

You’ll never be passed around a call centre. Every business owner who speaks to us receives a dedicated account manager. They’ll answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

Business Loans Birmingham

We’re here to help. We serve businesses throughout the UK, from Scotland to the Midlands, and down to the south of England.

Regular repayments

No more unmanageable monthly payments! Capify repayments are small, regular, and automated, so you can spend less time on admin and more time growing your business.

Simple, quick, responsible access to funding

Simple, quick, responsible access to funding

Birmingham Business Loans are available to small businesses in the Midlands and beyond. The Capify team can help you raise affordable finance for your Birmingham based business. Our goal is always to provide excellent customer service and funding solutions that really work for small businesses.

Get a quick quote now to start the process. Your account manager will be ready to explain how the Business Loan works, take care of your application, and help you receive your funds fast.

We’re trusted by thousands of small and medium sized businesses

We’re trusted by thousands of small and medium sized businesses

We take pride in working with thousands of UK businesses, and we really appreciate their feedback on our products and services.

We’re trusted by thousands of small and
medium sized businesses.

We take pride in working with thousands of UK businesses, and we really appreciate what they say about our
products and services.