Everything a small business needs to know about raising finance and paying it back

Want to introduce a brand new, must-have skin treatment? Fancy renovating your space so you can serve more clients? You’ll probably need some extra cash to make that happen.

You’re an independent business owner, so it makes sense that you’d want to work with a loan company that really gets you and your challenges.

Capify’s salon business finance has affordable, flexible repayments. A small percentage will come out of your customer card payments, helping you to manage cash flow and make sure your debt is paid off quickly.

The latest beauty salon industry stats

The latest beauty salon industry stats

Hairdressing and beauty salons are big business in the UK. Pretty much every high street in the country has its valued eyebrow, nail, hair, and skin experts.

Who are salon loans for? You!

Any kind of salon or hairdressing business can do great things with a Capify loan or Merchant Cash Advance.

Salon loans are ideal for skin care specialists, hairdressers, aestheticians, and more. It doesn’t matter what’s on your treatment menu, if you’ve been trading for 6-12 months, you could access simple, easy business finance.

Most importantly, a salon loan would suit a business with plans to grow. That includes quality chairs, mirrors, and equipment, smart booking software, and essential day-to-day stock.

Get more customers through the door

It’s important to give your customers something other salons don’t. If you need cash to make that happen, there’s no time like the present!

Whatever you want your salon to be – faster, the best location for a specific treatment, or a unique experience – you can make it happen with a salon business loan.

Different types of salon finance

Different types of salon finance

There are all kinds of loans out there. Capify offers business loans and finance options designed specifically for salons and hairdressers just like yours.

Secured business loans

This type of loan is secured against property you already own, usually high value stock, property, or a vehicle. This will pay off the loan if you can’t.

Unsecured business loans

No property or vehicle needed! There’ll probably be a credit and eligibility check.

Merchant Cash Advance

Salons and hairdressers can access a super flexible finance model – the Merchant Cash Advance. You’ll get a lump sum to spend on your business growth, then repay it through a small percentage of your debit and credit card payments.

Every time someone pays for their nails or highlights, you’ll be closer to paying off your business loan.

Other sources of finance

Some salons can access grants to help them pay for improvements. There’s also the option of an overdraft, credit cards, and asset finance. Interest rates can vary though – always check the details before you sign up!

Calculate how much finance your salon could raise

Calculate how much finance your salon could raise

The Capify business loan calculator shows how much cash your business could get.

Find out how much you could raise for your salon.

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How salons can use their finance

How salons can use their finance

Salon owners are focused on impressing every customer, as well as making sure their many overheads stay affordable. With a business loan or Merchant Cash Advance, you can invest in whatever your business needs to bag more 5-star reviews. 

Renovation and refurbishment

Develop your space and create exactly the environment you want. Serve more customers, show off your products, or make treatment areas more practical and peaceful. 

Smart booking technology

Salon customers are always looking for fast online booking. Software and technology can help you book appointments with no delays. 

The best training

The better your team’s skills, the better their work. Your customers are going to love their shiny gel nails and flawless spray tan!

Business finance can put essential cash into your salon, giving you the freedom to keep on growing.

Getting your salon ready for funding

Before you apply for finance, there are a few things to think about.

Decide what you want to pay for. Borrow the right amount and keep it affordable.

Check your business credit score. Capify is a flexible finance provider. We help all kinds of businesses raise finance, even if their score is lower than they’d like it to be.

Get your paperwork ready. This will help the application go through quickly.
Choose a loan company you want to work with.
Go with a lender that understands your business and can offer flexible finance products.

Fixed or flexible repayments?

Most loan repayments are always the same or will change regularly. Salons are often seasonal businesses, so it’s important to consider how that will affect your repayments.

A fixed monthly payment could be manageable during your busy seasons, but tough to afford at other times. Flexible payments will go up or down depending on your customer credit card payments or be paid on a ‘little and often’ basis.

It’s affordable and predictable. You’ll repay less during the quiet periods and more when you can afford it.

Loans for salons with less than perfect credit

Missed a few loan or credit card payments in the past? It doesn’t mean you can’t get affordable finance again.

A lot of small businesses have the occasional late payment on their credit record. Capify’s small business loan can work for salons and hairdressers with all kinds of credit backgrounds.

To find out if you’ll be eligible, get in touch with our helpful team.

In a hurry? Get finance fast

In a hurry? Get finance fast

Keen to get some new nail stations and mirrors installed? You’ll need that cash!

Capify can usually get your funds to you within days of your application getting a thumbs up, so you’ll be able to start making improvements ASAP.


Short term or long term finance?

It’s up to you whether you pay off your business loan quickly, or take your time with it. Long term finance gives you room to pay over a longer period, while short term finance is out of the way in a few months.

Before you decide, it’s important to remember your business’ seasonal differences. Short term repayments will be taken care of while you’re busy getting clients ready for their summer holidays and Christmas parties, so you’ll be debt free during the quieter times.

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