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The Latest Retail Industry Trends

Capify’s retail business finance has easy, affordable repayments. Regular payments will come out when your customers pay using your card machine, helping you to manage cash flow and pay off debt at the same time. Retail can be a tough industry, but independent businesses like yours are very good at adapting to change. Here’s what the industry currently looks like:


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Loans For Retail: Everything You Need To Know" alt="Loans For Retail: Everything You Need To Know">

Loans For Retail: Everything You Need To Know

Planning to buy some new stock, update your online marketing, or give your staff the best training? You’ll probably need extra cash to make it happen. It makes sense you’d want to work with a loan company that understands your business and what it needs. Capify’s retail business finance has easy, affordable repayments. Regular payments will come out when your customers pay using your card machine, helping you to manage cash flow and pay off debt at the same time.

Who Are Retail Loans For? You!

Any kind of retail business can benefit from a Capify loan or Merchant Cash Advance. Retail loans are ideal for specialist suppliers, fashion retailers, food shops – pretty much anyone! It doesn’t matter what you sell, if you’ve been trading for 6-12 months+ you could get simple, fast finance. Most importantly, a retail loan would suit a business with plans to grow. That includes smarter point of sale technology, proper training for your staff, and essential stock.

What Can I Do With a Retail Loan?

Retailers are always working hard to impress every new customer, as well as making sure their overheads stay manageable.
With a retail loan or Merchant Cash Advance, you can invest in whatever your business needs to become bigger and better.


Smart Shopping Technology

Customers like to research products and browse online before they visit your store. Tech can help you develop a click-and-collect service, or make online ordering fast and easy. 



Renovation and Refurbishment

Develop your space so you can serve more customers, show off products, or create more storage space.



Top Notch Security

Protect your stock and premises with alarms, CCTV, smart doorbells, and other clever security features. Business finance can give your retail business essential cash, giving you the freedom to make even more big, important changes.


Fixed and Flexible Payment Options


Most loan repayments are either fixed or will change regularly. It’s up to you to decide which will work best for your business. A fixed monthly payment can be a good option, because you know exactly what you’re paying every month. Retailers are often seasonal businesses though, so big, regular payments might not be affordable for you all year round.

Flexible repayments change as your business earns cash. If Christmas means loads of sales, but the first few months of the year are a bit on the slow side, you’ll repay less during the quiet periods and more when you can afford it.


Retail in a Hurry? Get Fast Finance


Keen to get the new shelving and stock room installed ASAP? You’ll need cash sooner rather than later. Capify can usually get your cash sorted within days of your application getting the go ahead. So you’ll be able to start buying new stock and making improvements in a few days.




Our Business Loan Can Be Repaid In 3 Ways


The Daily Repayment

With this option, we’ll take a very small repayment every single day until the finance is paid back. It’ll help you to manage your cash flow.

The 5 Day Repayment

This option is repaid between Monday – Friday. It’s the perfect solution for businesses that are closed during the weekends.


Once a Week

With this option, you’ll repay your
loan just once a week.

Frequently Asked Retail Loan Questions:

What if I need a short term or long term finance my retail business?

If you want to pay off your business loan as soon as you can, a short term loan would be a good idea. Long term finance gives you longer to repay, but means you’ll have debt to deal with for a longer period too.

Before you choose, it’s important to think about your business’ seasonal changes. Short term repayments will be taken care of during your busier time of year, so slower periods could be debt-free!


Can I get a retail loan with poor credit?

Missed a few payments in the past? It doesn’t mean you can’t get another loan that works for you.  

Capify’s small business loan can work for pubs with all kinds of credit backgrounds. A lot of small businesses have the occasional late payment on their credit report. It’s hard to be perfect all the time.

Whether your credit is spot on or not, Capify can usually help. To find out if you’ll be eligible, just get in touch with one of our helpful advisers.


Find Out How Much You Could Raise

The Capify business loan calculator shows how much cash your business could get.

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