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The Latest Restaurant Industry Trends

The restaurant trade changes every year. New technology and trends emerge all the time, and different age groups always want different things. Here’s what our current tastes can tell us about the industry.  For more of the latest insight into restaurant industry visit our blog here. Discover how businesses can beat the larger chains or learn about some of the experiences restaurant owners may have in the industry.

  • The UK restaurant trade was worth £20m in 2017 (that’s 4.3% better than 2016).
  • London doesn’t top the restaurant charts! Coventry, Edinburgh, Sunderland and York were the most profitable cities between 2013 and 2015.
  • We eat out at restaurants twice a week on average, spending £44-£88.
  • Under-35s are the audience to advertise to. They visit restaurants more than any other age group

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Loans For Restaurants: Everything You Need To Know

Want to invest in your a la carte menu, kitchen equipment, and front of house team? You’ll need extra cash to make it happen. Your restaurant’s atmosphere, TripAdvisor reviews, and friendly staff make it what it is. You’ve built it all yourself, so it makes sense that you’d want to work with a loan company that knows exactly what you need. Capify’s restaurant finance is simple, with easy payments. Repayments will go up or down depending on how much cash comes into your restaurant, helping you keep cash flowing through your business.

Who Are Restaurant Loans For? You!

Any kind of restaurant could do brilliant things with a small business loan. Loans for restaurants can work for uber-posh fine dining institutions, locally famous bistros, fast casual restaurants, and more. Most importantly, a restaurant loan would suit a business that has big plans. That includes shiny new tableware, more efficient tech, training for your staff, or even just a new colour scheme.

What Can I Do With a Restaurant Loan?

What are your main priorities for this year and next? Maybe you want to become a destination for
sustainable ingredients, serve the best burgers in town, or just make all the logistical stuff faster and easier.


More efficient kitchen equipment

Invest in newer, faster kitchen tech. You’ll be able to introduce new menu items, get dishes out to customers faster, and even cut down on energy costs.



Furniture and redecoration

Style and decor can be just as important as the food you serve. Make it cosy, Instagram-ready, luxurious, modern, industrial – whatever you want!



Stock and ingredients

Style and decor can be just as important as the food you serve. Make it cosy, Instagram-ready, luxurious, modern, industrial – whatever you want!


Fixed and flexible payment options

Want to know exactly what your regular payments will be? Or does the thought of a big monthly payment make it seem too expensive? Flexible repayments can be easier for restaurants to manage because they change as your business earns more or less.

If Christmas means jam-packed parties and bookings, but January and February are slow, flexible finance will mean you repay less during those quiet periods and more when you’re busy.


Restaurant in a hurry? Get fast finance

nice food

Already chosen the new chairs and tables? Capify can usually get your cash within days of applying, so you can get going as soon as possible. We keep the process simple and easy. It’s done mainly over the phone with the same person throughout. You can ask them as many questions as you want, and they’ll keep you in the loop from that first chat to getting your cash. Easy peasy!




Our Business Loan Can Be Repaid In 3 Ways


The Daily Repayment

With this option, we’ll take a very small repayment every single day until the finance is paid back. It’ll help you to manage your cash flow.

The 5 Day Repayment

This option is repaid between Monday – Friday. It’s the perfect solution for businesses that are closed during the weekends.


Once a Week

With this option, you’ll repay your
loan just once a week.

Find Out How Much You Could Raise

Get Started
£5,000 £250,000
+/- 1 Month(s) +/- 12 Month(s)










What if I need a short term or long term finance my restaurant?

Do you want to pay your business loan off ASAP, or are you okay to repay over a few months or even years? Just like flexible and fixed payments, this all depends on how seasonal your restaurant is too. With a short term loan, you could get the repayments out of the way during the busiest months of the year, and keep the slower weeks as debt-free as you can.

Can I get a restaurant loan with poor credit?

Capify’s small business loan can work for restaurant businesses with all kinds of credit profiles. It’s difficult to be perfectly on time all the time, but it is easy to find out if you’ll be eligible for a loan from Capify. Get in touch to find out how much you could raise with a restaurant loan.

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