The Capify Business Loan Calculator: how much could you borrow?

If you’re looking for a quick cash injection into your business, whether it’s for a short-term operational need or a long-term expansion, a small business loan could be the perfect option.

The amount you borrow, the length of the term, and the interest rate you’re charged are all important factors in working out what type of finance in right for you.

That’s where our Business Loan Calculator can help. It’s a quick and easy way to consider different options and you can also get an idea of what your regular repayments are likely to be. Use the sliding scales below to test if for yourself…

Small Business Loan Calculator

Small Business Loan Calculator

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*Amount borrowed and amount received will differ, with amount received to include a processing fee and origination fee of 4%. E.g. Borrowing £10,000 will include a £349.00 processing fee and origination fee of £400.00. Therefore funds received will total £9,251.00

Business Loan Calculator FAQs

We’ve put together a series of FAQs below to help you understand more about small business loans and how our calculator can help you decide on the right option for your business:

How much can I borrow with a small business loan?

Using our Business Loan Calculator is a great way to take a quick look at what your repayments might be over different periods of time, without the need to make a full application. Use the sliding scales above to set the amount you would like to borrow against the time period you’d like to pay it back over.

It’s important to remember that the calculator only offers a guide – the exact details of any business loan may vary, including the full amount you can borrow, which can only be confirmed at the application stage and will be subject to credit and compliance checks.

Will using the Business Loan Calculator affect my credit score?

Using our Business Loan Calculator is completely free and won’t have any impact on your credit score.  

If you’d like to check your eligibility for a Capify business loan you can use our eligibility tool here, again this will not impact your credit score. 

It’s important to remember that the calculator only offers a guide – the exact details of any business loan may vary, including the full amount you can borrow, which can only be confirmed at the application stage and will be subject to credit and compliance checks. 


What is the average term for a small business loan?

Typically, the small business loans offered by Capify vary from 6 – 18 months and will depend on things such as the credit history of the business making the application and whether the loan is unsecured or secured. 

Use our calculator to find a repayment figure you are comfortable with and then see what kind of time frame and affordability works best for your company  

How can I get lower repayments for my small business loan?

The amount you borrow is reflected in your repayment figures and typically, the shorter the term, the higher the repayment amount. Businesses looking for medium to long term repayment periods are more likely to have lower repayments, however the total amount repayable is likely to be higher as interest will be charged over a longer period. 

Business loan customers with Capify repay on a little and often basis, which is usually daily or weekly. This helps with cash flow management and means businesses don’t have to worry about a large monthly repayment on a specific date every month. 


How to calculate the cost of a business loan

The potential cost of your small business loan is straightforward to work out with our calculator and you only need two pieces of information to get started. These are:   

  • The amount of funding you require 
  • The repayment period you want 

Our Business Loan Calculator will give you a good benchmark to start your planning and will show you the total amount you will repay as well as the amount of the regular repayments so you can decide if the loan is affordable. 

How much could my business borrow?

Every SME is different and the size of the loan you need will depend on what you want to use it for. For example, a loan to provide some short-term working capital could be a lower amount than money needed to fund a renovation or new premises. Capify offer business loans anywhere between £5,000 and £500,000 pounds.

Our Business Loan Calculator can do lots of things, but it won’t be able to tell you exactly how much you can borrow, we can only do this once you have spoken to one of our finance specialists, who can then provide you with a tailored quote to match your business needs. To find out how much you could borrow call us 0800 151 0980. 

Approximately 85% of our customers return for additional finance because they liked the small daily repayment structure we offer.  

Check your eligibility now for a decision in 60 seconds! 

How to work out if I’m eligible for a business loan

Even if your business has struggled with securing a loan in the past, alternative finance options can often be more flexible and help business owners get the cash injection they need. 

There isn’t one way to determine eligibility, however lenders tend to look at some key factors including trading history, turnover and profit, credit history and affordability. 

With Capify, to be eligible for a business loan you will need to: 

  • Be a UK Limited Company or Limited Partnership 
  • Process more than £10,000 a month through your business bank account 
  • Have at least 12 months’ trading records 

How you can use Capify for all your business financing needs

We’ve been helping small businesses achieve their ambitions for over a decade. SMEs are constantly dealing with many different issues at once but having a good amount of working capital and strong cash flow is essential. 

Find out if you could get approved by using our online form here, or simply call us on 0800 151 0980 for a personalised quote.

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