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Applying for a small business loan online

Looking to grow your business? Or just need a little extra working capital to keep your business moving? 

Our small business loans are available between £5,000 – £500,000 for almost any purpose.

We’re not a bank. Our lending criteria is different, and we look at more than just your credit profile.

Check your eligibility online in just two minutes, with no impact on your credit score, and you could receive your funds in as little as 24 hours.

How does the business loan work?

Unlike a traditional loan, Capify’s is paid back in very small amounts regularly. The repayments are completely automated so you don’t need to do anything. Many business owners love our regular payments, because they don’t have to save a large amount by a fixed date each month.

To be eligible for a business loan, you'll need to:

The benefits of a Capify business loan

Small business loans are an ideal way to secure investment for your company and applying for a small business loan online means you can access funds quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re planning to expand your business or you need a loan due to unexpected business costs, an online small business loan could provide everything you need.

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Choosing an online lender

Selecting an online lender needn’t be a difficult process. The first thing you’ll need to do is decide how much you want to borrow and what repayment terms you can manage. This will give you an idea of what type of loan you need and which online lenders can help.

Of course, there are numerous online lenders to choose from and you’ll want to get the best rates possible. Even if you want to secure a small business loan quickly, don’t rush into the application process.

Conducting research or using an online broker will enable you to find the best lender for your needs, and this means the most competitive rates and the best repayment agreements.


What’s the difference between an online lender and online broker?

If you’re accepted for a loan, an online lender will actually provide the funds to you and you’ll make repayments directly to them. An online broker doesn’t actually loan you any funds but they can help you to find the right loan for your business.

Typically, online brokers will scour the internet and find viable lending options for you. Their in-
depth knowledge of the industry ensures they are up-to-date with the latest financial products and can provide you with information you may not find on your own.

However, not all online brokers are financial advisers and some may be affiliated with certain brands or companies, which means it may be in their interest to steer you towards a particular loan. If you decide to use an online broker, make sure they’re independent and objective.

Benefits of online business loans

Although you can apply for a business loan offline, making an online application tends to be far easier. Rather than waiting for an appointment, you can make an online application at any time of the day or night, so it’s far more convenient than other borrowing options.

In addition to this, making an online application for a small business loan means you aren’t limited by location. Instead of having to use loan providers which have branches nearby, you can choose from hundreds of online lenders, meaning you can get a significantly better deal.

Furthermore, small business loan apply online facilities mean you won’t have to take your documentation and paperwork into the lender. If you make your application online, you can do so from your home or office, which means you’ll have all the documents you need to hand and you won’t risk being rejected for a loan because you don’t have the necessary paperwork with you.

Another advantage of using an online lender is the speed at which your application is assessed. When you apply online for business loan assistance, you could get an answer instantly and, in many cases, the funds could even be transferred to you on the same working day.

How much can I borrow online?

Online small business loans can offer just as much finance as offline loans, and you could benefit from better rates too. Capify offer loans from £3,500 – £500,000, so your borrowing capacity needn’t be limited by making an online application.

Keeping yourself safe online

When you make any financial decisions, it’s vital to check you’re working with reputable businesses and institutions. Before you apply online for a small business loan, make sure the lender is fully certified and has the relevant web security protocols in place.

Data protection policies, SSL certificates and GDPR guidance all signify that a company is taking their web security seriously, and it’s a good indicator that your data will be safe with them too.

How do I apply online for a small business loan?

With Capify’s quick quote tool you can find out how much you’re eligible to borrow in seconds. Ourbsimple online application process means you can tell us how much working capital you’d like to borrow and we’ll give you an answer in just 60 seconds.

Why wait? To find out more or to secure your small business loan, apply online now.

Table of Contents