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Keep growing your online business with affordable, flexible finance. With Capify’s e-commerce business loan, you could improve customer retention, incentivise online purchases and subscriptions, and speed up distribution and delivery.

Thanks to our love of online shopping and convenient delivery, e-commerce sites, SaaS, and digital subscriptions are becoming more and more popular every year. Therefore, it’s important that you invest in technology which will enable your customers to enjoy a seamless and trouble free online experience.

Capify provides e-commerce business loans from £5,000 – £500,000.

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Benefits of an e-commerce business loan from Capify

There are many benefits of coming to Capify for an e-commerce business loan.

  • You can grow your business and achieve your plans
  • The repayments are small and manageable
  • The whole process, from application to funding, is quick and hassle-free
  • You don’t need to sell a portion of your business in return for investment
  • We’re always at the end of the phone if you have a question




You could use Capify's e-commerce business loan in the following ways

Capify’s e-commerce business loan is most commonly used for:

  • Purchasing stock
  • Marketing and advertising to acquire new customers and ensure existing customers remain loyal
  • To manage cash flow
  • Investing in new technology to improve user experience
  • Storage facilities

It’s important to emphasise that the loan can be used for any business purpose, whether that’s one of the reasons above or something completely different.


Check if you're eligible for an e-commerce business loan

Capify’s e-commerce business loan is a fantastic option for anyone that wants to grow their business. To be eligible you must:

  • Own a UK based business
  • Own a limited company
  • Have a trading history of 12 months+
  • Process more than £10,000 a month through your business bank account

Tick all the boxes?

Why not apply today and find out how much you can raise.




Online businesses can raise money with Capify

Capify has helped online businesses raise finance for over 10 years. Online businesses can apply quickly, get their cash within days, and repay in small and affordable amounts. Whether you run a Shopify site or have an established database of products, Capify funding can help your online business thrive.

Flexible, affordable finance 

Large monthly payments can be tough to manage along with alfl your other business expenses. A Capify business loan makes it easy to raise finance and manage healthy cash flow. You can raise £5,000 to over £500,000 and pay it back in small daily or weekly payments over 6-12 months. You’ll also keep 100% equity while you raise money. Investment into online businesses often comes with strings attached, not with Capify! Finance is unsecured and you’ll maintain 100% control of your business.

Stand out from the competition

The e-commerce and SaaS landscape is competitive, with businesses incentivising us to spend more and more time using their services. Can you compete? Capify finance is here to help. Nearly a quarter of us are signed up to a subscription service, from meal kits to beauty products. It’s one of the fastest-growing online business types. If your business is based online, the service needs to be fast, reliable, and give subscribers access to lots of choice and discounts. We provide quick and easy stress-free e-commerce finance designed to help online businesses achieve their growth plans.

It takes just a few simple steps and you could have the funds in your account, without giving up any equity. You no longer have to pitch to countless investors to grow your business.

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Applying for business finance with Capify is easy

Step 1:

Fill out our simple online application. It takes two minutes from start to finish and you’ll find out if you’re conditionally approved.

Step 2:

Submit the required documentation to our account management team, they’ll have a look over it and confirm how much you qualify for, what the repayments will be and the period of the loan.

Step 3:

Sign and return the agreement and then the funds will be released. Now you have the money to achieve your plans!

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Why do e-commerce businesses need to borrow money?

E-commerce businesses borrow money for a variety of different reasons. Most commonly though, it’s for stock. Some businesses aim to offer lots of variety and many different products whilst others want to create really high-quality items made out of expensive materials. Either way, there’s an upfront cost for the business owner which is why people take out a business loan. 

Other e-commerce businesses require money so that they can invest in new tech, whether that’s an updated website or a new shopping cart function. 

Marketing is also a popular reason for finance. Many e-commerce businesses attract buyers through social media, email campaigns and pay per click. However, whilst the upfront investment is usually worth it, sometimes it takes a while to see the sales rolling in. 

Other reasons include: 

  • Hiring new staff
  • Paying for somewhere to store stock
  • Materials 
  • New business tools

Why should I choose Capify over another finance provider?

Our customers sit at the heart of everything we do and therefore it’s important that we make our products simple and accessible. We’re proud to have a team of dedicated professionals who can help guide e-commerce business owners through the process and find the best solution for them. For this reason, we’ve built a strong community of customers who come back to us time and time again.

We place a lot of emphasis on human communication over tech. Whilst we think that tech is important and delivers a fast process from application to receiving your funds, you’ll also have a dedicated point of contact who will always be available at the end of the phone if you’ve got a question. 

We have a team of real people who look over every single deal. Not every business is the same, so we believe that underwriting should be conducted on a case by case basis rather than using a ‘one rule fits all’ approach.

How do e-commerce businesses typically raise money?

Typically, e-commerce businesses seek out investors when they’re looking to raise money. This takes a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. Plans, forecasts and accounts are all needed, along with a detailed proposal. 

Before a venture capitalist invests in a company, they have to know it’s going to be worth it, and you’re the one who’s got to sell it to them. You’ll have to put on your smartest clothes and present to a panel. If they say yes and like your pitch, you’ll typically have to give up a percentage of your business in return for capital. 

With Capify, you’ll never have to give up any control. You can raise money and still maintain 100% ownership of the business. The whole process can also be done over the phone, you don’t need to bring out your best suit for our sake. 

The UK is the third-biggest e-commerce market in the world

Shopping Online

E-commerce sales were valued at £586 billion in 2017, which was 16.5% of all business turnover in the UK that year.

The UK has the highest online shopping penetration rate in Europe

Ecommerce Credit Card

93% of us will be shopping online regularly by 2021. Almost £1 in every £5 is spent online.

1 in 4 British people are signed up to a regular subscription box

Team meeting Saas

We spend £2 billion on them every year, and the market is expected to grow by 77% by 2022.

Top Tips for E-commerce Businesses

Market to the right people in the right way

Online buying decisions are most influenced by word of mouth (55%) refer-a-friend schemes (46%) and media coverage (38%). As well as this, 71% of people don’t trust sponsored ads anymore, so quality marketing clearly has a much bigger impact. You can fund your own strategies and campaigns with a Capify business loan.

Even better customer service

An easy buying experience matters to online customers. 80% say bad customer service is enough to abandon their basket and go somewhere else. With a Capify business loan, you could invest in 24/7 online support, faster delivery times, and quality staff training.

Improve personalisation

73% of shoppers prefer buying from businesses that personalise the online shopping experience. Funding can help you introduce individual product and service recommendations, targeted remarketing, and roll out highly specific email marketing campaigns for profitable groups of customers.

Loyalty schemes and customer retention

Finding new customers costs 5-6x more than retaining existing ones. A rewards scheme, tailored email marketing, and membership perks can help you hold onto the most loyal customers.


Small and regular repayments

Does the thought of saving for a large monthly repayment seem too much? If so, Capify’s business loan might be a better option for you. Small daily or weekly repayments can be easier to manage, and they ensure that your cash doesn’t take a large hit each month. It’s a business loan with a twist. 


Quick and easy application process

Capify’s application process is really easy. We understand that business owners have a lot to do each day, so we worked hard to make the application quick and easy to complete. It takes 60 seconds to complete, and once approved you could have the money in your account within days.


Capify is proud to offer…

The personal touch

Our customers are never passed around a generic call centre. You’ll speak to the same Manchester-based account manager throughout the application process.

Get your funds in days

We work with small businesses from all over the UK, helping them get the cash they need when they need it.

Flexible daily repayments

No large monthly payments, just simple, manageable repayments over 6 to 12 months.

Why Capify?

Capify’s goal is to provide simple, quick, and responsible access to capital. We prioritise flexibility, excellent customer service, and have invested in funding solutions that work.

Enquire now, and you’ll be guided through the process by a dedicated account manager. They’ll be on hand to answer your questions and take care of your application from first contact to receiving your funds.

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