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For your restaurant to be successful, it’s crucial that you continue to both meet and exceed consumer needs and expectations. British restaurant-goers have come to expect excellent service, value for money and ambient surroundings. If your restaurant is struggling to fund the kind of developments which will ensure this, it’s time to look at your funding options.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

With £3,500 to £500,000 in working capital from Capify, you could renovate your space and attract new customers, improve your online marketing strategy and allocate more budget to advertising, or extend your kitchen staff to improve service.


Every business that Capify works with has their own, personal vision of success. The main thing they usually have in common, however, is that they’ve faced a lot of rejection from other lenders yet continue to see unwavering potential in their business model. Your perseverance will be rewarded with our flexible requirements. They’re much more achievable and workable than you will have experienced before. If your business processes £7,000 in monthly revenue, is a limited company, and has been operating for 9 months, you’ll qualify immediately. There is no more complicated criteria than that, and there are no endless forms which takes weeks to process. We endeavor to make our application criteria attainable for busy business owners, so they can carry on focusing on what’s really important to them and their customers – their restaurants growth.

Once the details have been agreed upon, and you have secured your small working capital loan, repayments are affordable. There are no large unpredictable bills or rapidly changing rules, just daily repayments you know that your business can afford, and which come straight from your business bank account without you having to lift a finger. This will take place over a period of between 5 and 12 months, which will depend on your restaurant’s monthly takings.

Call now and you’ll get individual guidance tailored to your business on a personal basis. Our team of customer service specialists have made sure thousands of business owners get the business finance opportunities they deserve, so they know what challenges your sector is facing throughout Britain on a daily basis. The Capify team can help you generate the small working capital you need to make your business more successful. You can also get a quote online in 60 seconds if you’re in more of a rush.

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