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Coronavirus is the biggest threat that the world has had to face for some time. It’s quickly disrupted life, business, transport and the economy. 

It feels hard to stay positive during this difficult time, that’s why we’ve created this resource section to help you navigate your way through! We’re here to support your business.  

Below, you’ll find the latest government schemes and advice, along with information from other key supporters of SMEs.

If you’d like to get in touch with Capify for any reason, please email: covid19help@capify.co.uk.

Coronavirus Updates and News
Coronavirus Updates and News

Here, you can access the most recent government updates and advice, along with other useful content. We want to help and support SMEs through this difficult time.

We're regularly updating this section as and when there's new announcements.

The following was last updated on: Wednesday 25th March.

Friday 20th March: Business Owner Survey Results

In order to discover how business owners are feeling about the Coronavirus, we sent out a survey to SMEs across the UK. It's a worrying time, and this is what people are most concerned about.

Wednesday 11th March: The Budget Announcement

On Wednesday 11th March, the new Budget was announced. Whilst it seems like Coronavirus was only in its very early stages, it was a focal point of the talk. Here are some of the plans to support business owners during this challenging time.

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