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Fast, Unsecured Business Finance, High Acceptance Rate For Qualified Applicants

Unsecured business finance is probably one of the best options for your business if you need to raise short term funds.

Unsecured business financing can be obtained from traditional methods like banks, but this is becoming a increasingly unpopular option as many banks of tightening their eligibility criteria so that some small businesses are unable to apply for a loan.

Fast, Unsecured Business Finance, High Approval Rate For Qualified Applicants

Small and medium-sized businesses need unsecured finance occasionally to help them to invest in the business and enable it to grow and succeed further. Most large businesses will have succeeded because of the fact that they have received some form of investment at various stages along the way, but being unable to obtain such finance can make it difficult for a business owner to know what to do with their company in financial hardship.

Capify provides unsecured business finance that is a refreshing alternative to traditional bank methods. Capiota offers unsecured business loans to small and medium-size companies who need finance up to £500,000.

This money can be invested in the business in whatever way you choose, and can be repaid using automatic amounts that are taken from your business account on a daily basis.

The idea behind this kind of repayment schedule is that more businesses are able to meet the repayments, rather than needing to worry about a monthly direct debit which can sometimes impose large payment demands on a business.


The unsecured business finance from Capify is also attractive in terms of the application process. 90% of qualified applicants receive the loan, which means that many small businesses have already benefited from this kind of unsecured finance solution. The application can be completed quickly and easily online with no need to attend in person meetings or spend hours trawling through hefty and complicated paperwork.

Right from the very start of the process, you are completely in control as the business owner. The repayment schedule is explained to you in detail, and as soon as you are happy you are able to confirm the loan and you will have it in your bank account within days of being approved.

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