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Business Loans From Capiota – A Leading Alternative Small Business Lender

Gaining finance in business is often necessary and sometimes crucial and getting small business lending from the banks is often a challenge.

There are various reasons you might want to apply for a business loan. You may want to invest in advertising, develop a website, refurbish your premises or purchase equipment.

You may also need to access extra money to manage cash flow until a delayed invoice gets paid, which is a common problem with small and medium-sized businesses.

On the other hand, you may need to buy new stock which cannot wait a few months. You may need to turn to a small business lender for fast finance so that you can replace broken equipment which will lead to increased business and a better work productivity.

Capiota are a small business lender that can offer transparent and flexible short-term business loans that differ dramatically from traditional bank loans.

The appealing aspect of a Capiota business loan starts right from the application process. The simple and quick online application process allows you to get on with your working day without spending hours filling in endless paperwork or taking time out to prepare a proposal and attend in person meetings.

Your application is looked at quickly, and a decision is made soon after that. 90% of eligible applicants are approved, giving you high chances of gaining the finance that you need for whatever reason you need it.

You could have access to anything up to £135,000 depending on your total turnover, which you can use to invest directly in your business.

The repayment system is small daily automated amounts, which are taken directly from your business account.

Allowing you to pay back the loan in small daily amounts means that you no longer need to worry about saving up for one lump sum at the end of the month, which can often lead to delayed repayments and late fees.

The tighter control that this gives you over your day-to-day finances means that you can micromanage with confidence.

To qualify for the short-term business loan, you need to be the director, partner or shareholder of the business, be a UK resident, own a limited company or limited liability partnership and have a valid business debit card.

If you need to, you can extend your loan further after a certain amount has been paid off the existing loan.

What you get from this approach to small business lending is: the finance you need, a straightforward process, manageable repayments and tighter control over your financial situation.

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