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Any kind of small or medium sized business will know the importance of having a healthy working capital. Managing your finances can be difficult if you are hit with an unexpected bill or some kind of payment which absorbs a large portion of your income.

Taking a hit on cash flow can put a lot of pressure on an owner and their finances, but there are short term business finance solutions that can help plug the gap whilst you wait for invoices to get paid.

The most popular forms of short term financing for businesses, away from the banks, are the Merchant Cash Advance and Alternative Business Loan.

You may be put off applying for  business finance because you associate it with strict monthly payment plans, heavy credit checks and tons of paperwork. However, alternative finance is much simpler to obtain and repay, many UK businesses are realising the potential of using Capify as a short term funding solution. 

Staying in Control

You can  keep track of the repayment of your loan using secure online facilities. These facilities are accessible anytime of the day or night, so as a business owner you know you are firmly in control of your business loan 24/7.

What Would You Do? 

With the money in your bank account, you can refurbish premises, buy a company vehicle, hire more staff, create an advertising campaign, and much more to help your business flourish.

This kind of short term business finance is flexible, transparent and designed to fit in with your day to day business.

Raise £3,500 – £500,000 with Capify

Capify offers two innovative business finance products, The Merchant Cash Advance and the Business Loan.

The Merchant Cash Advance

If you accept credit and debit card payments from your customers then the Merchant Cash Advance could be the perfect way to raise business finance. The product is extremely flexible and works in line with your card sales. This means that you never have to struggle to pay back more than you can afford.

Capify will take a very small pre-agreed percentage of your card payments every working day until the advance is paid back. Therefore, if you have a slow day you repay less and on a busy day you repay slightly more.


The Business Loan

The Business Loan is different to others on the market because rather than paying back the money monthly, owners pay back a very small amount every day. Many people love this method because they don’t have to worry about saving for a fixed date. If you own a Limited Company, this could be the perfect business finance solution for you.

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