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Limited company owners might be expected, or feel the need to contribute to their business using personal funds. Often, this occurs when a fantastic and unmissable opportunity is presented such as dramatic savings on stock. Owners fear that acquiring finance from the banks will be a long and complicated process so it seems an easier option to sort it out themselves. However, rather than struggling its worth considering alternative lenders. They have many benefits which shouldn’t be dismissed.

Why Was Alternative Finance Created?

Ltd company loans from alternative lenders such as Capify are often easier to acquire and more flexible than the loans available from banks. Alternative finance was created because people wanted somewhere else to turn, rather than just going to the same places. Even though the banks are the most obvious option, since the financial crisis in 2008 they have really tightened up their lending, meaning even extremely successful businesses could get turned away.

Capify’s Alternative Business Loan

Alternative Finance providers have built all of their products with business owners in mind. This means they are much more flexible than a fixed term bank loan which is expected to be paid back each month. At Capify, we understand that this isn’t always easy, which is why we came up with an alternative loan designed to work specifically with owners of Ltd companies. Our application is extremely simple, meaning you won’t have to spend your precious time filling out lots of paperwork. We also have a high acceptance rate. Once you have been approved, the money could be in your account within days.

Why Do Business Owners Take Out Loans?

Business owners take out loans for many reasons. Some people may want to purchase extra stock but don’t have any spare cash. Others may have extremely ambitious plans, such as wanting to refurbish their entire premises, or move to a new one. Despite being profitable, owners don’t always have extra money lying around to achieve these things, which can hold their business back. That’s why they look into obtaining a loan to help their company grow.  

Raise £3,500 – £500,000 with Capify

Capify offers two innovative business finance products, The Business Loan and the Merchant Cash Advance.

The Business Loan

The Business Loan is different to others on the market because rather than paying back the money monthly, owners pay back a very small amount every day. Many people love this method because they don’t have to worry about saving for a fixed date. If you own a Limited Company, this could be the perfect business finance solution for you.

The Merchant Cash Advance

If you accept credit and debit card payments from your customers then the Merchant Cash Advance could be the perfect way to raise business finance. The product is extremely flexible and works in line with your card sales. This means that you never have to struggle to pay back more than you can afford.

Capify will take a very small pre-agreed percentage of your card payments every working day until the advance is paid back. Therefore, if you have a slow day you repay less and on a busy day you repay slightly more.

This is the perfect business finance solution for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Company owners. 

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